Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware

Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware update V1.09 (dated 2018-11-28)

  • Change the TG to red color when the roaming is successful.
  • Resolved the issue that the Radio will re-start when in radio check
  • Resolved the issue that when install the CPS at C:/Program Files (X86), the Firmware Upgrade can not run well.
  • Resolved the issue that Export Data Conversion File doesn’t work if there are 2 Radio ID.
  • Allow the CPS to open DCF file.

downloadAnytone AT-D878UV Firmware update V1.09

Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware update V1.08 (dated 2018-11-10)

  • Resolved the problem the PF3 not allow for Turo power switch.
  • In VFO mode, change the up key to increase the frequency by 1MHz, down key to reduce the frequency by 1MHz.
  • Add “Roaming Effect Wait” on roaming menu of radio.
  • Move the A or B indication behind the last call.
  • Increase the TG display when the roaming is successful.
  • CPS->Tool->Export Data Conversion File, allow convert the codeplug for Contact Manager use.
  • CPS->Channel->Analog-> Customs CTCSS, allow customize the CTCSS code.

Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware update V1.07 (dated 2018-10-23)

  • CPS->Public->Optional Setting->Auto Repeater->Roaming Display, it allows set up the roaming return channel to be current channel or the roaming channel.
  • CPS->Public->Optional Setting->Key function, add the Mute Timing function, it allows mute the radio at the set time. After it reach the set time, it will return to normal volume. The mute timing can be set in CPS->Public->Optional Setting->Other->Mute timing
  • Allow load the codeplug into radio when the roaming zone is null .
  • Resolved the problem that R icon and A icon is mixed in display when radio switch from digital channel into analog channel.
  • Resolved the problem that Repeater Out of Range is always on display.
  • Resolved the problem when assign the PF3 key to Power Switch function, it can not switch to Turbo power.

Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware update v1.06 (dated 2018-9-30)

  1. Resolved the issue that DMR APRS can not work on Motorola Repeater.
  2. Delete the roaming setup in each channel in CPS. All the roaming setup please refer to CPS->Public->Optional Setting-> Auto repeater.
  3. Allow start the roaming function in a simplex channel.
  4. CPS->Public->Optional Setting-> Auto repeater->Alert Out of Repeater range, it has Off, bell and voice for optional.
  5. Change the date time display to be standard.
  6. CPS->Public->Optional Setting->Display->Channel name color, allow set up the channel name to yellow or white color .
  7. CPS->Public->Optional Setting->Display->Receive Backlight Delay, it will allow you turn off the backlight when RX.
  8. Allow set the APRS TG in radio menu.
  9. In VFO mode, press up and down key will allow to adjust the frequency at 1MHz step.
  10. Resolved the issue that time slot can be switched in analog channel.
  11. Hide the roaming icon in analog channel.
  12. Resolved the issue that talker alias set up can not be saved in CPS.

GD New Driver

Run USB_Virtual_Com_Port_Driver_v2.0.1.2313 to install the driver firstly.

Run USB Virtual Com Port Driver_64_RC.exe
Copy the “usbser.sys” and paste it on C:\Windows\System32\drivers to replace the old file

It is better the old “usbser.sys” file be kept in other place, in case the new driver isn’t work, you can revert it.

Important NOTES:

After update the firmware, you need to do the reset to the radio firstly, power off the radio firstly. Then power it on while holding the PTT and the PF1 button below the PTT at the same time. The radio will start up with a note on the display stating MCU Reset, Please Wait – and do not turn the radio off while it restarts.

After a re-start the radio will display the setting of the date and the time. Use the up-down key to set the current year. Move to the month by pushing the P1 key. Set the month, and use the P1 key to move forward each step. Once done, click the Menu key to save the date and time.

Also please set up the time zone to avoid the date/time error.

Please make sure the codeplug is saved to PC before your do the update and reset.

How to Firmware Updating


1.    Install USB driver: GD_VirtualComDriver, choose X86 for 32bit system, X64 for 64bit system.

2.    In CPS-Tool, choose the firmware upgrade. Or use the QX Firmware Update.exe for firmware upgrade.

3.    Hold pressing PTT key and alarm key, at the same time power on radio, the red LED blink.

Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware4.    Use the PC cable to connect PC and radio

5.    Click Open Update File, choose 878UV.spi

6.    Choose correct Com Port

7.    Click Write to update the radio to the latest firmware. After the firmware update, the radio should return to normal display on screen.

The radio should not return to the Clock-Set screen display after updating, you will have to redo the updating if it returns to the Clock-Set screen display.

8. Reboot the radio when the update is finished.

Please put OFF the GPS and APRS to prevent radio go in TX when connect to PC ,as it may cause the CPU or memory IC damage.

Important Notice:

Please make sure the codeplug is saved to PC before you do the update and reset.

Rebooting the MCU

After updating the firmware, you need to reset to the radio Main Control Unit (MCU).

Power off the radio firstly. Then power it on while holding the PTT and the PF1 button below the PTT at the same time. The radio will start up with a note on the display stating “MCU Reset”.

*** Please Wait – and do not turn the radio off while it restarts ***

After the MCU reboot, you will have to set the time and date.

Use the P1 key to scroll through the date / time fields.

Up and Down arrow keys will allow you to change the information in these fields. After you have the information entered use the Green key to confirm the settings.

You will have to reload your saved code plug as the final step.

Important Notice for Driver

We have got many reports that the driver doesn’t work in Windows 10 system, we found the Microsoft Signature is expired, currently we are In the procedure to get the driver signed by Microsoft.

Before we get the new signed driver, here below is the solution that may help the driver working. (Thanks Carl, KE6SGU who provide the idea)

The work around involves booting you Win10 computer into the “Advanced Boot Options menu and disabling Driver Signature Enforcement. The “how-to” that worked for me is described in Option #2 in the link below:

(The internet is full of this same information and work arounds – It’s a big problem affecting many devices).

Download AT-D878UV Firmware updates:


Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware update V1.09

AT-D878UV firmware update v1.06
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