AMLA-150 active magnetic loop antenna

Why AMLA 150 antenna is better than MLA 30?

amla 150 active magnetic loop antenna. The MLA30 antenna will have noise near 10MHz and 20MHz, because it uses ordinary power or mobile power supply (mobile power has a boost function that will affect the antenna reception),There is another disadvantage. MLA30 uses a feeder to power the external antenna, which will further affect the receiving effect and reduce the receiving performance.

The solution used by AMLA-150 antenna is different from that of MLA30. We use a professional receiving chip with excellent reception. Radio enthusiasts are welcome to buy it for evaluation and comparison with other types of antennas.

NOTE:Recently, some AliExpress merchants copied our antenna for sale, please pay attention to distinguish the authenticity. Knowledge is priceless, please choose to buy genuine, thank you.

Recently, some users commented that the upgraded version is noisy when it is used. This is caused by not adjusting the gain knob. The correct operation method is as follows: If you are receiving AM, FM, please turn the knob to 70%, if it is used for SDR type reception, please turn the gain knob to maximum.

100KHz -150MHz: 2020 Upgraded version (antenna box can be hung outdoors)

newly upgraded, redesigned the circuit, the receiving performance is stronger, and the circuit board has been waterproofed.

Buy AMLA 150 active magnetic loop antenna

AMLA150 Active Magnetic Loop Antenna US $17.80

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