Alinco RS-D7

Alinco RS-D7 Digital Repeater

Output Power: 5 ~ 50W, Number of Channels: 16, IP-connection allows repeaters in different areas to transmit data, voice and packets over a TCP / IP network

Alinco RS-D7

Alinco Inc. released digital repeaters ALINCO RS-D7. They are designed to work in Analog and Digital radio networks. They provide the construction of digital radio communication networks of the DMR TierII and TierIII standard and are compatible with other well-known brands.

RS-D7 repeater is designed to organize communication between subscribers working in a dual-frequency simplex. IP-connection allows relays in different areas to transmit data, voice and packets over a TCP / IP network.

The repeater can be used as a radio extender both when operating at the same frequency, and when receiving and transmitting is carried out at any different frequencies within the operating range of the repeater (136-174 MHz).

Alinco RS-D7 digital repeaters, like analogue ones, are designed to increase the coverage area of ​​the radio signal of subscriber and base radio stations. But digital repeaters have several advantages over analog. A significant advantage of this Alinco RS-D7 repeater is the ability to program it both using a computer and manually, which is not of little importance if you need to quickly change some parameters of the repeater, for example, frequency. In the price / quality ratio, the repeater surpasses its counterparts.

The Alinco RS-D7 repeater works according to the following principle: at the same time it receives a signal on one radio frequency, amplifies it and transfers it to another. Thus, the Alinco RS D7 repeater works both as a transmitter and as a receiver.

Subscriber radio stations for working with a repeater are programmed in half-duplex mode, also called a dual-frequency simplex.

When you press the tangent, the radio transmits at frequency 1, and when depressed, it switches to receive mode at frequency 2. In contrast to the repeater, in the radio station in the dual-frequency simplex mode, reception and transmission are not carried out simultaneously, but sequentially (with the tangent pressed).

Thus, frequency 1 is receiving for the repeater and transmitting for the subscriber station, and frequency 2, on the contrary, is transmitting for the repeater and receiving for the subscriber’s walkie-talkie.

Alinco RS-D7 Repeater Functions

  • Professional design for desktop, cabinet and rack installations
  • Digital / Analog Mixed Mode Detects Signals Automatically
    and sets the correct mode
  • Digital Protocol: ETSI TS102361-1, -2, -3
  • Frequency Range: 136-174 MHz
  • Output Power: 5 ~ 50W
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Grid Pitch: 12 . 5/20/25 kHz
  • Excellent heat dissipation with intelligent cooling fan
  • 9 indicators on the front panel show the current status of operations
  • IP connection allows repeaters in different areas to transmit data,
    voice and packets over a TCP / IP network
  • Programmable from computer

Technical characteristics

Frequency Range 136-174 MHz
Number of Channels 16
Channel Strip 12.5 / 20/25 kHz
Supply voltage 13.8 V DC ± 20% or
AC 100-250V 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions (approximately) 482.5×338 . 5×132.5mm
The weight 11.5 kg
Frequency Stability ± 0.5ppm
Output power VHF: 5 ~ 50W / UHF: 5 ~ 40W
Adjustable via software and PC
Modulation ± 2.5 kHz@12.5 kHz, ± 4.0 kHz@20 kHz, ± 5.0 kHz@25 kHz
FM Noise and Interference -40dB@12.5kHz, -45dB @ 20 / 25kHz
Spurious Emissions -60dB@12.5kHz, -70dB @ 20 / 25kHz
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5kHz (data only): 7K60FXD / 12.5kHz (data + voice): 7K60FXE
Analog Modulation 11K0F3E@12.5kHz, 14K0F3E @ 20kHz, 16K0F3E @ 25kHz
Digital Protocol / Vocoder ETSI TS102361-1, -2, -3 / AMBE + 2 ™


Frequency Stability ± 0.5ppm
Analog / Digital Sensitivity 0.3μV / (12dB SINAD) / 0.3μV / BER5%
Intermodulation TIA603C: 75dB ETSI: 60dB
Selectivity (ETSI) 65dB@12.5kHz, 75dB @ 20 / 25kHz
Spurious Response Rejection TIA603C: 85dB, ETSI: 80dB
Audio power N / a
FM Noise and Interference -40dB@12.5kHz, -45dB @ 20 / 25kHz
Audio Response / Audio Distortion N / A / ≤3% (typical)
Spurious Emission -57dBm @ <1GHz, -47dBm @> 1GHz

Alinco DMR Repeater RS-D7 / RS-D8

Alinco DMR Repeater RS-D7 / RS-D8

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