2019 UHSDR great deal kit

HF SDR HAM Transceiver

Portable: Large-capacity battery pack 6.8Ah


  • • Spectrum Dynamic Waterfall Display
    • Multiple Working Modes: Receive Mode, Transmit Mode, TUNE Mode, VFO Mode, SPLIT Mode
    • DSP Digital Signal Processing Noise Reduction
    • Automatic Notch Filter
    • Receive Fine Tuning Function, Changeable MIC Gain Value
    • VCC Power Supply Voltage Indication Table
    • Transmit Signal Strength Display Table
    • Multifunctional Instrument: SWR Standing Wave Ratio Meter, AVD Audio Frequency Meter, ALC Signal Modulation Meter
  • Frequency Range
    RX: 0.5MHz-30MHz
    TX: 0.5MHz-30MHz


power cord, the export of high-quality special order a microphone in hand. SL16 the BNC adapter antenna a, hex screwdriver (dismantling knob cap with) a. The first few gift aluminum handle, while supplies last.

Package price:

A complete kit by itself 1599 yuan (231.44 USD). After the hand, add a little lock screws installed debugging can guarantee 100 per cent success.

The machine features:
2.8-inch color touch screen, full operational mode, spectrum and waterfall display, built-in automatic key hand keys can be built-in USB sound card, digital communication is very convenient, external USB keyboard can send and receive RTTY, PSK and other digital mode. Short segment with the whole FM mode.

Supporting the battery compartment:

The batteries can be mounted back.

Package battery case assembly: a battery block with 6.8AH with charger.

Large-capacity battery pack 6.8Ah

Price: 258 CNY = 37.34 USD

  • Outputting a: DC DC USB-5V @ 3A * 2 max
  • Output of the 2: DC DC 12.6V@3A*2 max
  • Protection: a battery block with a short circuit over-charge protection let
  • Capacity: 6.8AH or machine according to the label
  • Accessories: battery box, plug charger, thumb screws, connector oblate

Empty battery case

Price: 88 CNY = 12.74 USD


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