TS-590S RadCom Review

Kenwood TS-590S

Peter Hart reviews the latest HF&50MHz transceiver

The TS-590S is a mid-sized radio measuring 270(w) x 96(h) x 291mm (d) and weighs about 7.4kg. This is sufficiently small to be easily transportable but of adequate size to be comfortable to operate. The radio requires a 13.8V supply. It contains a single receiver tuning 30kHz to 60MHz, although the performance is not specified over the full range. The transmitter is enabled on the amateur bands and delivers nominally 100W output power . Transmit operation on 5MHz is standard in US models but can be enabled by Kenwood dealers in the UK. This gives continuous transmit coverage across the 5MHz band for all modes but the discrete channels are best stored to memory for easy access. A low-level drive output is provided giving about 1mW transmit signal on the 136kHz band as well as transverter drive from any of the HF bands. The low level LF transmit range can be extended to 522kHz….


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