TS-130 mod: 11m CONVERSION

KENWOOD TS-130 mod


1. Locate PLL Board.

2. Cut the white and yellow wires off of J15.

3. Adjust T5 VCO Coil to lock in on the last three 10 meter stops. If the readout goes blank, VCO is Out-Of-Lock!

4. Install a SPST Switch to reconnect the two wires in Step 2 in order to cover the phone band.


1. Connect the anodes of two 1N914 diodes together. Solder this to one end bf a 33K resistor.

2. Solder the free end of the resistor to Dl7 cathode.

3. Solder the cathode of one of the lN914*s to pin 1 of Q17 (TC4081 Chip).

4. Solder the cathode of the other 1N914 to pin 6 of Q17 Chip.

5. Install another 1N914 diode by soldering the anode of the diode to the cathode of D3 5. Solder the cathode to pin 10 of Q19, an MC14011B Chip. Readout now covers 26.5-28 Mhz.

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