TS-120S mod: 11m CONVERSION

increased frequency coverage into the 11 meter band

Follow the steps outlined below for increased frequency coverage into the 11 meter band.

1. Locate J15 on the PLL board.

2. Cut white and red wire on the plug.

3. Adjust T3 (VCO coil) for coverage from 26.5 to 28.0 MHZ. in the last three positions on the 10M band selector switch.

The display will either indicate 10M frequencies or if the PLL is out of lock, it will blank out.

4. Adjust L15, 16 & 17 for maximum output around 27.250.

5. Adjust T4 for cleanest waveform on O-Scope.

6. Shown below is the 10M ALC adjustment.

TS-120S mod: 11m CONVERSION

In order for the display to function, you must do the following:

1. The Counter Unit is underneath the AF Unit so it must first be lifted out of the way.

2. Obtain a 15K resistor.

3. Solder one end to pin 6 of IC13. Solder the other end to pin 8 of IC 13.

4. Obtain two 1N914 diodes. Connect the anodes together and solder to pin 2 of RB-1.

5. Connect one of the above diodes cathode (banded end) to D8, cathode end.

6. Isolate pin 8 of RB-1 by cutting foil pc.pattern.

7. Solder a 1N914 diode from pin 8 (cathode) back to pc pattern cut above (anode) to bridge cut.

8. Connect cathode of other diode in step 4 to RB-1 pin 8. Your display will now function on all frequencies

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