FT-470 Modification

FT-470 Modification

Modification Yaesu FT- 470

Extending the Receiving Range without Hardware Modification

The following modification allows to extend the receiving range of the FT-470 handheld radio. The hardware will not be touched. No changes are made to the current settings or to the memories. The only exception are the two memories U and L, which will receive new values that are outside the default band limits.

The modification is not my own idea, I rather found it in the internet. The honor of ‘discovery’ thus deserves to others, for example KC6VKZ. After trying myself and experiencing some minor problems, I decided to retell the modification procedure by my own words and by adding some pictures. As a matter of course, I do not accept any responsibility for damage. However, it is very unlikely that the FT-470 will suffer a damage.

With the steps explained hereafter, the receiving range of the FT-470 will be extended from 107 MHz to 210 MHz. The lower band limit 107 MHz and the upper limit 210 MHz are just examples. It may be doubted whether these values make sense with respect to the sensitivity. Of course can the extended frequence range be set more narrow.

For the modification example below, the following applies:

  • lower band limit: 107 MHz,
  • upper band limit: 210 MHz.

Basic settings of the device prior to procedure: 2m band active, 70cm band disabled.

Step1: Enter frequency 145.000 MHz (could be any other frequency as well).

FT- 470 Modification
Figure 1: Default setting 145 MHz

Step 2: Press key [F/M] , then [RPT]. My repeater offset uses to be 600 kHz (Europe). Now enter 0000.

FT- 470 Modification FT- 470 Modification
Figure 2: Old offset 600 kHz Figure 3: After entering 0000

Step 3: Switch the device off … and switch it on again. The display should show 145.000 MHz again.

FT- 470 Modification
Figure 4: After turning off – and back on

Step 4: Press two times [RPT]. The small + should display. Then press [REV] once. Now the display should show 1145.00. The FT-470 seems to be ‘confused’.

FT- 470 Modification
Figure 5: Strange frequency display

Step 5: Now the first goal is to set the upper band limit to 210 MHz. However, do not tune towards higher frequencies (that is, do not use or do not turn DIAL clockwise) because the device will otherwise awake from its confusion and will reset to normal frequencies. Therefore, in order to get to the desired 210 MHz, we have to go downwards in frequency (exactly 935 MHz). Downward stepping does not throw the device out of confusion. So, press [F/M] and then press and hold. Stepping down will be done now in steps of 1 MHz. This is going to take a while. In between you will pass the 0 MHz frontier whereafter the first digit will disappear. At some later time, the 210 MHz is reached.

FT- 470 Modification FT- 470 Modification
Figure 6: Passing the 0 MHz frontier Figure 7: Reaching the 210 MHz

Step 6: Saving the upper band limit into U. For that press [F/M] for a short moment until the memory display starts blinking. Select memory U using the DIAL knob. Press [F/M] to finish saving. Now the memory U should contain the frequency 210 MHz, as shown below.

FT- 470 Modification
Figure 8: Saving upper limit in U

Step 7: Setting the lower band limit to 107 MHz. Press [MR] once such that MT shows up (Memory Tune). Now tune down in steps of 1 MHZ using [F/M] and until the display of 107.00 is reached.

Activated Memory Tune Lower band limit 107 MHz
Figure 9: Activated Memory Tune (MT) Figure 10: Reaching 107 MHz

Step 8: Saving the lower band limit in L. Press [F/M] until the memory display starts to blink. Use DIAL to select memory L. Once again a short push on [F/M] and the lower band limit is saved.

FT- 470 Modification
Figure 11: Saving in memory L

Done! Now you are able to scan between 107 MHz and 210 MHz. Just select Memory U or L, then go into Memory-Tune mode (press [MR] if necessary, MT must display) and start scanning using or . Please do not expect best sensitivity outside the 2m amateur band. The FT-470 is no broad-band scanner.

The similar also works for the 70 cm band. My FT-470 now receives from 400 MHz to 500MHz. At least, this is how I can listen to the PMR radios at 446 MHz, which was not possible before. Again I will not make any statements about the sensitivity outside the amateur band. Have fun!

Stefan Freinatis (DL6BZ), Aug 2, 2003

FT-470 tuned to PMR band After modification: FT- 470 tuned to PMR band.
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