Uniden MHS235 VHF Diseño sumergible

Uniden MHS235 CARACTERÍSTICAS MHS235 proporciona estas principales características: Diseño sumergible. Cumple con los reglamentos de flotación y de resistencia contra el agua JIS8/IPX8, lo cual significa que la radio puede ser sumergida en 1.5 metros de agua por 1 hora sin obtener ningún daño. # Notas: La radio sólo cumplirá con estos requisitos si está … Leer másUniden MHS235 VHF Diseño sumergible


FURUNO FM-8900S Full GMDSS-compliant VHF radiotelephone with Class-A DSC facility and CH70 watch receiver Semi-duplex 25-Watt VHF radiotelephone with a built-in Class-A DSC and CH70 watch Receiver ► Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships ► Meets the new ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-13 ► Easy … Leer másFURUNO FM-8900S


EXPLORER GX1600 25 Watt VHF/FM Marine Transceiver Ultra Compact Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Transceive with Individual, All Ship, Position Report, Position Request, and Distress. Automatically poll up to 4 ships Independent Channel 70 receiver built-in for continuous DSC watch Enter, Save, and Navigation to waypoint with Compass page* Navigation to a DSC Distress … Leer másGX1600 STANDARD HORIZON

UNIDEN West Marine VHF255

VHF255 Floating Dual Band Two-Way Marine Radio Uniden VHF255 Portable FM Marine/GMRS/FRS Push-To-Talk (PTT) Radio Transceiver (GMRS Mode) UHF Transmit Frequency Range(s): 462.5500 – 462.7250 MHz (GMRS Channels 15-22) 462.5625 – 462.7125 MHz (GMRS/FRS Channels 1-7) 467.5625 – 467.7125 MHz (FRS Channels 8-14) Features Your radio provides the following key features: Submersible design Complies with … Leer másUNIDEN West Marine VHF255


FLOATING VHF MARINE RADIO UNIDEN MHS135 Features Submersible design Complies with floating JIS8/IPX8 water-resistant standards, which means the radio can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without damage. Notes: The radio will only meet this rating if fully assembled and all rubber seals and bungs are well maintained and correctly fitted. … Leer másUNIDEN MHS135 – FLOATING VHF MARINE RADIO

JMC RTP-1000

The Jmc RTP-1000 Marine Radio is a waterproof portable two-way handheld radio. It is compact and lightweight to fit easily in the palm of your hand. This handheld VHF Radio will give you consistent outstanding performance in virtually all marine conditions. Certified to meet IPX4 waterproof conditions. Fully covered under a 3 year Waterproof Protection … Leer másJMC RTP-1000

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