TS-480 Review by N1RL

Two from Kenwood — TS-480SAT and TS-480HX HF + 50 MHz Transceivers By Rick Lindquist, N1RL ARRL Senior News Editor A competent HF + 50 MHz performer in two flavors—200 W or 100 W with automatic antenna tuner—the TS-480’s flexible two-piece design and manifold features make it appropriate virtually anywhere. Decisions, decisions. Automatic antenna tuner … Leer másTS-480 Review by N1RL

TM-V71A Reviewed by W1HSR

Kenwood TM-V71A Dual Band Mobile Radio Reviewed by Howard Robins, W1HSR ARRL Contributing Editor Kenwood’s TM-V71A is a solid, high quality dual-band mobile V/UHF transceiver. In addition to a full range of expected features, it includes EchoLink sysop mode, wide receiver coverage and some capable programming software. Kenwood’s TM-V71A is a feature packed 2 meter/70 … Leer másTM-V71A Reviewed by W1HSR

TM-D710A Review by W1HSR

Kenwood TM-D710A Dual Band Mobile Transceiver Reviewed by Howard Robins, W1HSR ARRL Contributing Editor Kenwood’s TM-D710A refines and enhances the capabilities found in the venerable TM-D700A. The ‘D710A has all the features you expect for FM voice operation, plus a built-in TNC for APRS and packet as well as support for Kenwood’s Sky-Command II remote … Leer másTM-D710A Review by W1HSR

TM-941A review by N0IVN

Kenwood TM-941A Triband FM Transceiver Three for the price of one. First there were single-band FM transceivers, then came dual-band rigs. Now there’s a three-band radio, Kenwood’s new TM-941A triple-band FM transceiver that covers 2 meters, 70 centimeters and 23 centimeters. With this one rig you can operate on the 144,440 or 1200 MHz amateur … Leer másTM-941A review by N0IVN

TW-4000A FM Dual-Bander

Kenwood TW-4000A FM “Dual-Bander.” Manufactured: 1983 (Discontinued) 2 m & 70 cm in single compact package, LCD, 25 W, optional voice synthesizer. KENWOOD‘S TW-4000A FM “Dual-Bander” provides new versatility in VHF and UHF operations, uniquely combining 2 m and 70 cm FM functions in a single compact package TW-4000A FEATURES: • 2m and 70 cm … Leer másTW-4000A FM Dual-Bander

TS-711A review by KT2B

Kenwood TS-711A 144-MHz Multimode Transceiver Manufactured: Japan, 1984 (Discontinued) For those readers who’ve been wondering if they perhaps missed a product review of the Kenwood TS-711A 2-meter multimode transceiver in some past issue of 73 relax You didn’t miss it. The TS-711A has been on the market for a few years, but somehow got overlooked … Leer másTS-711A review by KT2B

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