FT-817 Conmutación automática de bandas

Conmutación automática de bandas desde el FT-817 XAVIER SOLANS, EA3GCY El transceptor multibanda FT-817 se ha convertido en el equipo de baja potencia compacto más popular del mercado actual para radioaficionado. El FT-817 de Yaesu, al igual que la mayoría de equipos modernos, dispone de un conector denominado “ACC” para el control bidi-reccional hacia y … Leer másFT-817 Conmutación automática de bandas

A Panadapter for the FT-817 using the Funcube Dongle

A Panadapter for the yaesu FT-817 using the Funcube Dongle

An interesting new SDR receiver called the FUNcube Dongle recently went on sale in support of AMSAT-UK’s FUNcube satellite project. The unit is a self contained SDR receiver that can cover 64 MHz – 1700 MHz. It is USB based. Under Windows, it shows up as a sound card. No special drivers are needed. It works with most SDR software that supports I & Q. It includes an LNA, tuner and audio card built into a small package. The RF input is SMA. 96kHz is the quadrature sampling rate. Once the ADC’s decimation filter skirts have been taken into account, you have about 80kHz.

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FTM-400DR Alignment

FTM-400DR Alignment Introduction and Precautions The FTM-400DR has been carefully aligned at the factory for the specified performance across the 144 MHz and 430 MHz amateur bands. Realignment should therefore not be necessary except in the event of a component failure. All component replacement and service should be performed only by an authorized Yaesu representative, … Leer másFTM-400DR Alignment

VocalMaster speech processor for FT-817

VocalMaster A Speech Processor for Low Power Operators

Build this versatile and attractive accessory for the Yaesu FT-817 to give you more talk power.

VocalMaster speech processor for FT-817I have had a lot of fun operating low power with my Yaesu FT-817 portable HF transceiver, but have often wished that it had some audio or RF

processing to add a little SSB punch. There are some excellent audio processing accessories available commercially, but I thought this would make a great homebrew project reminiscent of the early Heathkit days. With this in mind, I began to look for suitable building blocks to bring this idea to life.

Design Goals

I wanted to incorporate several design goals. First, the enclosure should be smaller than my radio, aesthetically pleasing, and made of steel or aluminum to provide RF shielding. Second, all of the components should mount on a printed circuit board with no point-to-point wiring to jacks or controls. Third, the input and output jacks must match the rig’s microphone connector. Fourth, I wanted some visual feedback on what was going on inside the box, such as an output level meter. And fifth, a built-in signal generator for antenna tuning would be an added bonus. The end result would combine all of these features into a small package that includes RF filtering and front panel controls, and is powered from the rig’s mic voltage.

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FT-897 sustitucion filtros cerámicos

YAESU FT-897 – FT-857 sustitucion de los filtros cerámicos originales TOKO A55HJ   Son muchos los fallos que se han reportado por problemas de electromigración de los filtros cerámicos de los transceptores YAESU FT-897 YAESU FT-857 y otros muchos tranceptores mas que montan estos filtros. Los síntomas de filtros cerámicos deteriorados suelen traducirse en receptor … Leer másFT-897 sustitucion filtros cerámicos

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