FT-817 ALC Mod

yaesu FT-817 ALC Mod

Yaesu FT-817 Improvement of the ALC – better modulation and throughput The FT-817 is a lovely rig, isn´t it? This is a radio one must have – without special reasons. But anyway, when I got the radio one week ago, I started to test it against excisting others. (like TS-870). Everything was quite okay, but … Leer másFT-817 ALC Mod

FT-817 Servicepoints

Yaesu FT-817 Service points (push A/B/C synchron and start device) Number;Content;Point;Declaration; 1;HF1RXG RX GAIN;1.8MHz;181; 2;HF2RXG RX GAIN;7MHz;91; 3;HF3RXG RX GAIN;21MHz;123; 4;50MRXG RX GAIN;50MHz;66; 5;VHFRXG RX GAIN;144MHz;90; 6;UHFRXG RX GAIN;430MHz;117; 7;SSB-S9 SSB S-Meter;S9;70; 8;SSB-FS SSB S-Meter;FS;59; 9;FM-S9 FM S-Meter;S9;76; 10;FM-FS FM S-Meter;FS;109; 11;DISC-L FM Center;Meter;35; 12;DISC-H FM Center;Meter;69; 13;FM-TH1 FM;Squelch;82; 14;FM-TH2 FM;Squelch;82; 15;FM-TI1 FM;Squelch;14; 16;FM-TI2 FM … Leer másFT-817 Servicepoints

FT-817 Alignment

FT-817 Alignment Yaesu FT-817 Tuning Procedures Local Oscillator Adjustment Reference Frequency Adjustment a. Connect a frequency counter to J5002 2pin (TP1047). b. Adjust the trimmer capacitor (TC5001) for 22.625000MHz +/- 5Hz on the frequency counter. c. Connect a RF millivoltmeter or an oscilloscope to the J5002 2pin (TP1047) and confirm that the output level is … Leer másFT-817 Alignment

Yaesu Manuales en Español

Yaesu Manuales en Español Descarga Download Yaesu ATAS-100 manual de usuario en español atas_100-120j__radioaficion.com.rar Yaesu FT-950 manual de usuario en español FT-950 manual en español-6.3 MB ·  FT-1000MP ·  FT-100D ·  FT-101ZD ·  FT-102 ·  FT-107M ·  FT-10R_40R ·  FT-11R ·  FT-1500M ·  FT-1802M ·  FT-1900E ·  FT-2000 ·  FT-211RH ·  FT-212RH ·  FT-2200 ·  … Leer másYaesu Manuales en Español

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