PS-50 Improved Voltage Surge Protection

Modifications for the Kenwood PS-50PS-50 Improved Voltage Surge Protection Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.Service Bulletin no. 914 (23-5-1986) We have received a few reports regarding the loss of transistor Q4, resistors R2, and R3, and zener diode D4 on the AVR UNIT. Apparently a voltage surge on the power input might cause D4 to short. If this … Leer másPS-50 Improved Voltage Surge Protection

MC-50 VOX-3 Sensitivity and Delay

Modifications for the Kenwood MC-50 VOX-3 Sensitivity and Delay Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.Service bulletin no. 15 (26-5-1977) There have been a few instances of improper VOX operation when the MC-50 microphone is used. The sensitivity of the VOX-3 may be increased by removing R-4 and connecting R-3 directly to ground. Also install a 220mfd 25Vdc electrolytic … Leer másMC-50 VOX-3 Sensitivity and Delay

MC-44 Modifications

Modifications for the Kenwood MC-44 MC-44DM Microphone audio improvements Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc. Service Bulletin no. 958 (12-1-1990) There are several ways to increase the transmit audio level when using an MC-44DM. If you are using a single band transceiver such as the TM-231A, you can turn up the deviation control inside the transceiver. Do not … Leer másMC-44 Modifications

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