Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 Review & User´s Manual

Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 Review & User´s Manual

ALPHA 10 MAX AM-1000

This radio is being sold world wide under the following names.

  • CRT France Superstar SS6900 (Europe)
  • Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 (USA)
  • Hannover BR9000 (South America)
  • Maas DX-5000 “Powerline” (Europe)
  • K-PO DX-5000 (Europe)
  • Comtex CS-1000DX (Europe)
  • Anytone AT-5555 (Europe)

They are all made by the same manufacturer with some differences for each importers preferences such as bands, channel map, features, circuit modifications,  case color / markings and etc. Because some Country band plans are different and also some importers may want a function or feature for their needs.  The Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 covers the entire US 10 meter amateur band.

Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 will be sold in the US for entire 10 meter amateur band. This is first 10 meter radio that that has a user programmable channel map that I have seen. With a optional cable & software. Also almost every function or feature can be programed on the radio too.

The Alpha 10 “Max” Can also be programmed for the standard set of channels just by a button push on the outside of the radio. thats why we offer it for free with a Tune-up. It can also be programmed via a Computer using an optional USB Cable and Software.

Programming via Computer allows more flexibility by offering the option to change Operating Frequencies and Channel Spacing. Of course, all other programmable settings can also be set via the software. The USB Cable plugs into a small Programming Jack inside the Radio. The Software is Windows Based and comes with Drivers to support the cable.  Be advised,  I have read on the forums, some people have had mixed results with compatibility issues with the USB and the computer.


  • 6 Band Programmable Frequency Range (28.000 – 30.000 Mhz)
  • PA – CW – AM – FM – USB – LSB Modes
  • Backlit Controls for Low Light or Night Driving!
  • Large EL LCD Display shows All Modes of Operation.
  • 7 Digit Frequency EL Lighted Display.
  • Automatic Squelch Control – Auto Adjusts for Best Level.
  • One Button Channel Scan – Scans All Channels for Activity.
  • Channel Up/Down Buttons on Mic for One Hand Operation.
  • Emergency Preset Button for Quick Access.
  • Dual Watch Button Simultaneously Monitors Two Channels.
  • Roger Beep with Programmable Tone and Length.
  • 2 Digit LED Channel Display (40 or 60 Channel Programmable)
  • Echo and Timing Controls – Programmable ON or Disabled.
  • Side Mounted 4 Pin Mic Plug (Standard Cobra Mic Will Work)
  • Hi Tech Automatic Noise Limiter/Noise Blanker Circuitry.
  • Aluminum Rear Heat Sink Handles Heat of Dual MosFet Finals.
  • +10 Khz Switch – Hi Cut Tone Control – Transmit Time Out Timer.
  • Programmable Channel Scan List – Programmable Add/Delete CH.
  • Programmable Clarifier Tuning Controls – Fine and Coarse.
  • Built In SWR Meter – Variable RF Power – Display On/Off Features.
  • Programmable via Computer – Requires Optional Cable & Software
Channels 60 CH
Frequency Range

28.000 Mhz—30.105 Mhz (Programmable)

Frequency Step 10Hz – 100Hz – 1KHz – 10KHz
Frequency Control Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizer.
Frequency Tolerance  


Frequency Stability 0.001%

Operating Temperature Range

-30 °C to +50 °C.
Microphone 4 Pin Dynamic; with push-to-talk (CH-UP/DN/ASQ)
Input Voltage


13.8V DC nominal, 15.9V max, 11.7V min.
Transmit: AM full mod., 5-7A. SSB 6-7A
Receiver: Squelched, 0.6A.
Size Size = 8”W x 10”D x 2.75”H
Weight 4 bs.(65.25 oz)
Antenna Connector  

UHF, SO239

Power Output AM/FM/CW: 12W
After a complete tune-up:
AM/FM/CW variable 1 to 12W carrier
AM Peak power (max)  45-50W
SSB is 30W PEP.
Modulation High and low level class B
Amplitude Modulation: AM
Varied Capacitance Frequency Modulation: FM
Inter-modulation Distortion SSB:  

3rd order, more than -25dB; 5th order,more than -35dB

SSB Carrier Suppression 55dB
Unwanted Sideband 50dB
Frequency Response AM and FM: 450 to 2500HZ
Output Impedance 50ohms, unbalanced


Sensitivity SSB: 0.25¼V for 10dB(S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W-audio.
AM:1.0¼V for 10 dB(S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W audio.
FM: 1.0 ¼V for 20 dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W audio.

AM/FM:6dB@3KHz,50dB @9KHz
SSB: 6 dB@2.1KHz,60dB @3.3KHz

Image Rejection More than 65dB
IF Freq. AM/FM: 10.695 MHz 1st IF, 455 KHz 2nd IF SSB: 10.695 MHz
Adjacent-Channel Rejection 60dB AM/FM &70 dB SSB
RF Gain Control 45 dB adjustable for optimum signal reception
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Less than 10 dB change in audio for inputs 10 to 100,000 microvolt.
Squelch Adjustable; threshold less than 0.5 ¼V.
Automatic Squelch Control (only AM/FM) 0.5 ¼V
ANL Switchable Noise Blanker RF type, effective on AM/FM and SSB
Audio Output Power 4 watts into 8 ohms
Frequency Response 300 to 2800 Hz
Built-in Speaker 8 ohms, round.

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