Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

| marzo 26, 2019

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

The following items are needed:

A.    USB-to-Serial cable

B.    G90

C.    A computer running windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10) operation system

D.    A 12~15VDC (current ability not less than 5A)power supply

1. Install USB-to-Serial cable:

The very first thing is to make sure that the USB-to-Serial cable is working properly on the computer. After the cable is plugged into the USB port of the computer, the operating system will prompt to find the new hardware, and then the operating system will automatically install the driver of the new hardware. If all goes well, we can see the virtual serial port in the device manager of the computer. If the driver can’t be automatically installed by the operation system then we need to install it manually (driver files can be found in the update pack).

After that, we can see the virtual serial port and its port number (which in my computer is COM33) in the device manager.

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

2. Wiring everything up:

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

3. Update firmware via hyper terminal software:

In order to transfer the firmware to the device, we use serial hyper terminal software which is named TeraTerm4.96.

3.1 Configuration of TeraTerm4.96 a) Select the serial port:

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Click Baud rate droplist and select 115200 Click OK

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Press G90’s power on button:

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Press SPACE bar on the computer to interrupt the booting procedure.

Hint: There is a countdown timer at the end of string, press SPACE bar before time out.

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Step1: Press 1

Step2: Wait “Erasing.. 100%» and “Wait FW file…»

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Click FileTransfer^ XMODEM^ Send

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Check 1K checkbox.

Browse and select the firmware file, and click the «Open» button.

Xiegu G90 Firmware Update Instructions

Wait transfer finish and reset the G90

If you need more information about the connections with the computer you can consult the user manual here

Download and Notes

The G90 firmware update procedure requires you to install 2 update files. First the main body then secondly the display unit.

Update date: 2019.03.26  important update

  • Header firmware: G90_DispUnit_FW_V1d06_buid001
  • Host firmware: G90_MainUnit_FW_V1d06_build002
  • Download files: xiegu G90 firmware v1.6

Release Notes:

Note: This version of the firmware cannot be mixed with the previous old version. Both the head and the host must be updated to latest version.

Features & Menu:

1. Added CW decoding interface Operational logic:

Long press KEY button to switch «CW decoding» / «waterfall image» display interface

2. Added cw zeroing frequency alignment indicator LED with triangle icon is the alignment indicator

Note: CW decoding function will not work properly when the received cw zeroing frequency and the locally set CW side audio rate differ too much.

3.    Modified SPLT logic, greatly reducing the delay of switching between different frequency transceivers

4.    The software variable bandwidth filter icon and operation logic are adjusted

4.1    FL key adjustment filter low end (filter icon left) cutoff frequency

4.2    FH key adjustment filter high end (filter icon right side) cutoff frequency

4.3    A small arrow appears above the filter icon when adjusting FL/FH to indicate the currently adjusted item.

4.4    When adjusting FL/FH, the low-end frequency and high-end frequency of the current filter will be prompted in the FFT display area, and the width in the frequency domain will be represented.

5.    The S/PO table is changed to a block-filled style, and the four colors of green, red, yellow, and dark gray indicate different states.

Color description:

Dark gray: background color

Green: Receive signal S10 or transmit power 9W Red: Receive signal > S10 or transmit power > 9W Yellow: peak hold value

6.FUNC function adjustment:

Press the FUNC key to switch the first/second function. When the second function is selected, the FUNC LED lights up, otherwise it turns off.

Exit FUNC and close FUNC LED when the main knob is pressed

7.    Adjusted the volume control step, from 18 to 28, and each step is smaller.

8.    fixed the CW side tone adjustment problem.

9.    Optimized the structure and improved operational efficiency.

Bug fixes:

1.    Fixed the problem that the switch and the hand microphone PTT could not exit after being pressed at the same time.

2.    Correct the problem that the background VFO frequency is incorrect when entering the SPLT mode.


old version v.1.4

Host firmware: G90_MainUnit_FW_V1d04_build002.xgf

Machine firmware: G90_DispUnit_FW_V1d04_buid00.xgf

Download files: Xiegu G90 Firmware v1.4

Release Notes:

1.    Fixed the problem that the automatic antenna tuner could not be tuned in CW mode.

Corrected the problem that the automatic antenna tuner could not be automatically accessed

after the TUNE button was started and the tuner was completed.

2.    Corrected the default «.» and «-» ratios of the CW auto key. The default is 1:3.

3.    Added CW auto key «.» and «-» ratio adjustment menu. The Ratio menu under the KEY button.

4.    add NB menu Operational logic:

When you press the NB button, select «NB SW—>NB Level—>NB Width» three menu items.

Turn the main knob to adjust the corresponding value.

Menu meaning:

NB SW: NB switch, the pulse symbol icon will be displayed when it is turned on; the icon disappears when it is closed.

NB Level: Threshold value, range 0~10, corresponding signal level is -80~-50dBFS, stepping 3dB. NB Width: NB release time, range 0~10, corresponding time is 100us~600us, stepping 50us.

5.    add SQL icon

When the SQL value is not 0 (SQL is open), the SQL icon is displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen; the icon disappears when SQL is closed.

6.    Fixed the bug that the cmp compressor of G90_MainUnit_FW_V1d04_build001 software works abnormally.

The firmware has not been upgraded. The version number after this upgrade is as follows: (can be viewed in the seventh item of the system menu)


APP: V1.4 (head firmware version)

BASE: V1.4 (host firmware version)

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