Xiegu G1M FCC

| abril 20, 2021

FCC 47 CFR PART 15 Subpart B

Equipment Shortwave transceiver

Xiegu G1M FCC ID 2ANLH-G1M Model No. G1M

Manufacturer Chongqing Xiegu Technology Co. , Ltd.

Test Standard(s) CFR47, FCC Part 15 Subpart B, ANSI C63.4: 2014

In the configuration tested, the EUT complied with the standards specified above.

Xiegu G1M FCC HF Four Band Portable SDR Transceiver

The new generation G1M (SDR version) is a 5W portable QRP model with SDR structure. Its core is based on 16bit-CODEC sampling and has excellent performance.

The newly added AM broadcast reception capability allows you to listen to news broadcasts from around the world; the 800Hz narrowband CW digital filter makes transmission easier and clearer.

As an entry-level SDR portable, G1M (SDR version) will provide you with as many new technology experiences as possible.

Xiegu G1M Basic Features

  • High performance SDR core circuit design
  • New spectrum display function
  • Added AM broadcast receiving mode
  • Added CW Trainer function (supports full insertion)
  • Adaptive speech noise reduction
  • HF continuous reception
  • Support for amateur data communication
  • Support computer online control

Connection to a computer

The G1M can be connected to a computer and controlled with the associated software.

Connection cable method:

1. Install the driver for the data cable on the PC side.

2. Plug the data cable into the COMM port and connect the G1M to the computer.

3. Run the corresponding computer software.

When using software such as HRD, G1M must be in VFO mode, cannot be in channel mode, otherwise it will not be able to connect.

Computer control instruction

G1M uses the standard CIV instruction set. You can use the standard instructions of this instruction set to remotely control the transceiver. You can also configure the control instructions of other software to control the G1M.

Band voltage data

GIM’s ACC port provides band data for four bands. The band data can control the peripheral device to automatically switch the band or share the band information with other devices.

Band Voltage Band Voltage Band Voltage Band Voltage
3.5MHz 460mV 7MHz 920mV 14MHz 1380mV 21MHz 1840mV

In the other frequency bands except the above four amateur bands, the band voltage is uniformly outputted at a high level, 5V.


Receiving frequency: 0.5~30MHz (Continuous)
Transmitting frequency:

  • 3.5~4.0MHz
  • 7.0— 7.3MHz
  • 14.0~14.35MHz
  • 21.0— 21.45MHz
Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM (AM Used only to receive broadcasts)
Receiving sensitivity: 0.45uV @12dB SINAD
Transmit power: 5W @13.8V DC
Spurious suppression : >45dB
Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm (30 minutes after turning on the power)
Audio output power: 0.5W
Operating Voltage: 12 — 15V DC
stand-by current: 0.5A @Max
Transmitting current: 2.5A @Max
Case size:: 97* 40*155 (mm)

Xiegu G1M FCC Download User Manual

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