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| noviembre 20, 2020

The Wouxun KG-1000G is FCC Part 95E type accepted for use on the GMRS. The KG-1000G operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules in the United States.

As such, a GMRS license is required to transmit on these frequencies. To obtain an FCC license for the GMRS, please go to the FCC’s web site at https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/ support/fcc-form-605 and request FCC Form 605.


For Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Product Description for Equipment under Test (EUT)

Applicant Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tested Model KG-1000G
Series Model 1000G, KG-1000GR, KG-1000GX
Model Difference See Declaration letter
Product Type Two way Radio( GMRS mobile radio)
Modulation Mode FM
Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz
Maximum Output Power (conducted)
  • 462.5500- 462.7250MHz: 44.36dBm
  • 462.5625-462.7125MHz: 34.85 dBm
  • 467.5500- 467.7250MHz: 44.57 dBm
Operation Frequency
  • 462.5500- 462.7250MHz (main channels)
  • 462.5625-462.7125MHz (interstitial channels)
  • 467.5500- 467.7250MHz (main channels)
Power Supply DC 13.8 V


Date: 2020-07-02

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Authorization and Evaluation Division 7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21046

Dear Sir or Madam:

We, Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd., hereby declare that product name: Two way Radio ( GMRS mobile radio) (model name: KG-1000G, 1000G, KG-1000GR, KG-1000GX.). These models are electrically identical with the PCB design, components and electromagnetic compatibility characteristics. KG-1000G has been tested by BACL.

The differences of them are as follows:

Model name.

Please contact me if there is need for any additional clarification or information. Best Regards,

Wouxun KG-1000G – Feature Summary

■    30 GMRS Channels

■    8 Built-In GMRS Repeater Channels

■    Built-in NOAA Weather Channels

■    Simultaneous Dual Mode Operation

■    Simultaneous Reception

■    Tune Specific Frequencies Directly (Frequency Mode)

■    Large LCD Dual Frequency Display

■    Three Color Selectable Backlight

■    Up to 999 Custom Channels

■    Remote Front Panel Mounting

■    Programming Software Support

■    Repeater Mode (Requires 2nd Unit)

■    Wide Receive (RX) Frequency Range:

  • 50-54.995 MHz
  • 65-108 MHz
  • 108-180.995 MHz
  • 320-349.995 MHz
  • 400-479.995 MHz
  • 700-824 MHz
  • 849-869 MHz
  • 894-960 MHz

■    Transmit (TX) Frequency Range:

462.550- 462.725 MHz (GMRS Channels 1-7 and 15-22)

467.550- 467.725 MHz (GMRS Repeater Channels 23-30)

■    Standard and Non-Std CTCSS/DCS

■    Split CTCSS/DCS Tone Support

■    CTCSS/DCS Tone Scan

■    DTMF Hand Microphone with Speaker, TX/RX Indicator and Volume Control

■    3 Configurable Front Panel Buttons

■    FM Radio Mode

■    Compander

■    Descrambler (8 Groups)

■    APO Power Management

■    English Voice Guide

■    Offset Frequency Programmable

■    Receive AM Transmissions

■    Auto-Detect AM Transmissions

■    Single Tone Pulse Frequency

■    Minimum Operating Voltage Settings

■    Adjustable Cooling Fan Control

■    Automatic Temperature Testing

■    Scan with CTCSS / DCS Detection

■    Simultaneous Scanning on AB Areas

■    Priority Channel Scanning

■    Supports 10 Scan Groups

■    Dual Speakers

■    Multiple Speaker Output Settings

■    External Speaker Support

■    DTMF Encoding & Decoding

■    Remote Control Settings

■    Incoming Caller ID Display

■    Group Call, All Call and Selective Call

■    Stun and Kill Function

Download Manual

wouxun kg-1000g user manual

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