Where to buy panadapter

| febrero 26, 2018

Where to buy panadapter

Panadapter IF Tap Board and new filters available from KD2C

Or those Radio Amateur users who have older transceivers, KD2C has reminded us that he is now able to support customers worldwide with Panadapter IF Tap Boards based on the designs of the late Dave Powis, G4HUP.

Since our last update, in addition to offering the above, KD2C has added new items that have been most requested by customers:

  • Variable Attenuators
  • High Pass Filters
  • FM BCB Filter
  • RF Limiter

Hi-Z IF Tap Board

The PAT (Panoramic Adapter Tap) Panadapter Hi-z tap board circuit was designed by the late Dave Powis, G4HUP/SK.

The circuit is designed to provide a convenient method of adding a “RX Output” and/or “IF Output” to your existing rig by tapping off the RF or IF of your receiver or transceiver so that it can be displayed panoramically via an SDR. Its purpose is to present a high impedance to the RF or IF circuit and therefore minimize any loading on the main signal path of the radio. It will work in just about any solid state radio transceiver or receiver.

The PAT V RF Tap Board

This version has no LPF installed, it is therefore ideally suited to 2nd Rx functions on radios which have VHF and UHF bands on them, such as the Yaesu 817/847/857 and 897 series. These radios all use a common 1st IF, which means that picking up the tap point just before the first mixer gives you access to the RF signal on all bands that the radio covers. This is more difficult on those radios that do not use a common 1st IF, such as the Kenwood and Icom all band offerings.

PAT V – Second Receiver Function

In addition to giving you a panoramic display centered on your Rx tuning, the PAT V can be used to give a wider view as an independent second Rx. The input signal for the PAT V needs to be picked up before the 1st mixer, and your SDR must be tuned to the frequency/band you are receiving, instead of the IF frequency of your radio. Operation is different, in that the SDR display will no longer change as you tune the band on your rig, it will remain fixed unless your SDR software has rig control.

For more information, visit Dave’s website: www.kd2c.com

Buy Into SDR-Kits

Following the sad passing of Dave G4HUP last year, Dave’s family has agreed that the HupRF kits and Website is transferred to and managed by SDR-Kits going forward.

As SDR-Kits, we already had close ties with Dave’s business, selling several of his kits in the past.
Our aim is to keep the HupRF website going in memory of Dave’s contribution to the Radio Hobby. We will be offering some of the HupRF kits for sale on www.SDR-Kits.net website, starting with the 50 MHz and 70 MHz PAT boards.

The following PAT boards (Assembled or Kit), and Installation Kits are available from our Webshop

6 MHz Panoramic Adapter Board by hupRF (Assembled), suitable for Elekraft K1, K2

12 MHz Panoramic Adapter Board by hupRF (Assembled), suitable for: IC201/202, IC821 (2nd IF), TS700, IC910 (2nd IF), IC1271 (2nd IF) FT221/225, FT290, FT920 (2nd IF), TS2000 (2nd IF), TS590, TS700, TS790E (2nd IF), TS120/130/140/180, TenTec Orion

50 MHz Panoramic Adapter Board by hupRF (Assembled or Kit), suitable for: FT757GX, FT840, FT847, FTdX1250, FTdx9000, TS430S, TS440S, Tentec TT550. IC740, IC781 and Lowe HF225

70 MHz Panoramic Adapter Board by hupRF (Assembled), suitable for: FT857, FT897, FT920 (1st IF), FT950, FT991, FT1000, FT1000MP, IC703, IC706, IC745, IC746PRO, IC756, 756 Pro II and III, IC7410, IC821 (1st IF), IC9100, ICR70/75 TS450, TS480 and Alinco DX SR8T

Other PAT Board types listed on the hupRF Website are available from our Webshop

The following Hardware connection kits suit the majority of Radios – See here which Installation Kit is recommended for your particular Radio.

PAT Board Generic Plug Interface Kit GPIK Hardware Connection Kit

PAT Board Generic Socket Interface Kit GSIK Hardware Connection Kit

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