Uniden UM725GBT

| mayo 1, 2021

VHF Marine Radio with GPS and Bluetooth

Uniden UM725GBT

  • Applicant:    Uniden America Corporation
  • Address of Applicant:    6225 N. State Highway 161 Suite 300, Irving, Texas 75038 United States
  • Manufacturer:    Uniden Holding Corporation
  • Address of Manufacturer: 2-12-7, Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-8512 Factory:    Uniden Vietnam Limited
  • Address of Factory:    Lot 5. 1, Tan Truong Industrial Zone, Cam Giang District, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam

Equipment Under Test (EUT):

Product Name:    VHF Marine Radio with GPS and Bluetooth

  • Model No.:    UM725GBT
  • Trade Mark:    Uniden
  • FCC ID:    AMWUT662
  • Standards:    47 CFR Part 1.1307 47 CFR Part 1.1310
  • Date of Receipt:    2021-03-05
  • Date of Test:    2021 -03-08 to 2021 -04-03
  • Date of Issue:    2021 -04-06
  • Test Result :    PASS*

Uniden UM725GBT

Uniden UM725GBT General Description of EUT

Power supply: DC 13.8V

DC Cable: 150cm Unshielded;

NMEA0183+Ext Speaker Cable: 100cm Unshielded;

Sample Type: Mobile device
Internal Source: More than 108MHz


Transceiver frequency Range:
  • 156.025MHz-161.60MHz (TX)
  • 156.050MHz-163.275MHz (RX, includes WX band)
DSC Transmitter Frequency Range: 156.525MHz (CH70), Meets Global DSC Class D standards.
Modulation Type: VHF:FM for Analog DSC:FSK
Frequency Spacing: VHF: 25KHz
Emission Type: 16K0G3E for VHF 16K0G2B for DSC
Rated Output Power: 25W/1W for VHF/DSC;
VHF/DSC Antenna Connectors: SO-239(50 ohm, External Antenna)
VHF/DSC Antenna Gain: 3dBi
Type of Equipment: Ship stations

For Bluetooth

Bluetooth Model: MDBT42Q
Frequency Range: 2402MHz to 2480MHz
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Modulation Type: GFSK
Number of Channels: 40
Antenna Type: Chip Antenna
Antenna Gain: -1.6dBi

MDBT42Q BLE Module

Uniden UM725GBT Bluetooth single module

Raytac’s MDBT42Q-U is a BT 4.2 and BT 5 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52832 SoC solution, which incorporates: GPIO, SPI, Ua I2C, I2S, PWM, ADC and NFC interfaces for connecting peripherals and sensors.

Features of the module:

1.    Dual Transmission mode of BLE & 2.4Ghz RF upon customer’s preference.

2.    Compact size with (L) 16 x (W) 10 x (H) 2.2 mm.

3.    Low power requirements, ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumptioi

4.    Be compatible with a large installed base of mobile phones, tablets and computers.

5.    Fully coverage of BLE software stack..

6.    BLE & RF transmission switching helps products fit all operation system and most hardware.


•    IoT

•    Home automation

•    Sensor networks

•    Building automation

•    Personal Area Networks

•    Health / fitness sensor and monitor device

•    Medical devices

•    Key-fobs and wrist watches

•    Interactive entertainment devices

•    Remote control

•    Gaming controller

•    Beacons

•    A4WP wireless chargers and devices

•    Remote control toys

•    Computer peripherals and I/O devices

•    Mouse

•    Keyboard

•    Multi-touch trackpad


•    Multi-protocol 2.4GHz radio

•    32-bit ARM Cortex – M4F processor

•    512KB flash programmed memory and 64KB RAM

•    Software stacks available as downloads

•    Application development independent from protocol stack

•    On-air compatible with nRF51, nRF24AP and nRF24L series

•    Programmable output power from +4dBm to -20dBm

•    RSSI

•    RAM mapped FIFOs using EasyDMA

•    Dynamic on-air payload length up to 256 bytes

•    Flexible and configurable 32 pin GPIO

•    Programmable peripheral interface – PPI

•    Simple ON / OFF global power mode

•    Full set of digital interface all with Easy DMA including:

•    3 x Hardware SPI master ; 3 x Hardware SPI slave

•    2 x two-wire master ; 2 x two-wire slave

•    1 x UART (CTS / RTS)

•    PDM for digital microphone

•    I2S for audio

•    Quadrature demodulator

•    12-bit / 200KSPS ADC

•    128-bit AES ECB / CCM / AAR co-processor

•    Low cost external crystal 32MHz ± 40ppm for Bluetooth ; ± 50ppm for ANT Plus

•    Low power 32MHz crystal and RC oscillators

•    Wide supply voltage range 1.7V to 3.6V

•    On-chip DC/DC buck converter

•    Individual power management for all peripherals

•    Timer counter

•    5 x 32-bit

•    3 x 24-bit RTC

•    Type 2 near field communication (NFC-A) tag with wakeup-on-field and touch-to-pair capabilities

•    3x 4-channel pulse width modulator (PWM) units with EasyDMA

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