Uniden HomePatrol-2 Version 2

| agosto 29, 2020

uniden homepatrol-2 Version 2

uniden homepatrol-2. Starting with Version 2, the HomePatrol-2 includes many advanced features available by purchasing a registration key from Uniden. For information on unlocking and using these features, see the separate HomePatrol Extreme Users Guide. Even without the registration key, you can take advantage of these advanced features, many of which can be programmed using HomePatrol Sentinel software:

•    Per-channel delay – lets you determine how long the HomePatrol-2 stays on a channel after the transmission ends. Longer delays help prevent missing replies. Shorter delays improve overall scanning speed.

•    Better location precision for systems – allows you to define a department’s location and range using up to 32 rectangles instead of a single circle (circles are still supported).

•    Multi-Favorite List Support – lets you monitor up to 256 Favorites List at a time, or combine Favorites Lists and the Full Database for monitoring.

•    Channel Alerts – sounds a programmable alert when a channel set to alert becomes actve.

•    Unit ID Tagging – displays an alpha tag showing the informaton about a specific radio unit being received.

•    ID Search – stops on all unavoided radio traffic, even if the channel is not in HomePatrol-2’s database.

•    Emergency Alert – sounds an alert when a unit triggers their emergency status (on compatble radio systems).

A coordinated HomePatrol-2 website (www.HomePatrol.com) provides a variety of support features and informaton. Become part of the HomePatrol-2 family by getting involved in the discussion forums.

Uniden HomePatrol-2 Version 2

How Does the HomePatrol-2 Work?

What You Do

When you set your location, HomePatrol-2 searches its databases for channels near that locaton. If you enter your zip code, HomePatrol-2 searches within a 10 mile radius of the center of that zip code. If you enter the city, that range is 20 miles from the center of the city.

If you use the AutoLocate feature, that range increases to 30 miles. If you manually enter your lattude and longitude or connect an accessory GPS receiver, your HomePatrol-2 will select channels that apply to your precise locaton.

HomePatrol-2 uses these databases:

•    Radio System Database – provided by www.radioreference.com, this database contains radio system informaton including frequencies, trunked talk groups, and geographic locatons for radio systems across most of North America.

•    ZIP Code Geographic Database – provides geographical coordinates for most zip and postal codes in the US and Canada.

•    RadioReference SysID Database – contains system ID and geographic locaton informaton for trunked radio systems across North America.

•    City Locaton Database – includes the centerpoint of most named cites and countes.

What You Hear in the United States

Your HomePatrol-2 receiver has over 10,000 police, fire, ambulance, business, utility, and other agencies set for instant access. You can also listen to weather channels and weather alerts, and you can set your HomePatrol-2 to monitor weather alerts while it is in a standby state.

NOTE: There are some communications that the public is locked out from monitoring. Your HomePatrol-2 cannot receive agencies that scramble their communications; it also cannot receive agencies on private proprietary systems.

Because there are so many different kinds of communicaSons going on, you can turn on specific types of agencies you want to hear (and turn off those you don’t). Tap Menu/Service Types to select these agencies.

What Else Can HomePatrol-2 Do?

Create Favorites Lists

As you find transmissions you like and would like to monitor again, you can save them to a Favorites List. When you opt to listen to a Favorites List, HomePatrol-2 will monitor only the transmissions on that list.

Avoid Transmissions

You can also select transmissions for HomePatrol-2 to avoid (ignore).

Replay Transmissions

HomePatrol-2’s Replay feature acts as an instant replay of the transmissions you’ve just heard. You can set how long a period Replay records for instant playback. This period can range from 30 seconds to 240 seconds (4 minutes). While you can replay that recording immediately and conSnue replaying it, you cannot save it for future listening.

Record Transmissions

With HomePatrol-2, you can tap a bueon and begin recording transmissions. When you begin recording, HomePatrol-2 adds the Replay recording buffer to the recording. HomePatrol-2 will continue recording you tap again to stop.

These recording sessions are saved and can be replayed on demand. Rename and delete sessions through the Review Recordings screen, accessed through Advanced Menu/Replay OpAons/Review Recordings (tap on the session to bring up an opSons screen).

Use GPS Input

HomePatrol-2 works with an accessory GPS receiver to provide the most accurate locaSon se]ng possible. You can set HomePatrol-2 to use GPS se]ngs while you are traveling so you always receive the most accurate transmissions for your locaSon.

Using HomePatrol-2 with an Accessory GPS Receiver

Teaming HomePatrol-2 with a GPS receiver, such as Uniden’s BC-GPSK lets you continually monitor channels along your route as well as stay aware of events in your current area. As you travel from place to place, HomePatrol-2 uses the location information provided by the GPS and selects channels to match your location. You can decide whether HomePatrol-2 will use or ignore GPS input.

Tap and hold GPS on the Radio Control bar to display the Set Up GPS screen. This screen lets you set your coordinates’ display format, change your GPS Baud Rate, and indicate GPS status.

Connecting Your GPS to HomePatrol-2

NOTE: Uniden’s GPS Accessory Cable (BWZG1844001) is required to connect an accessory GPS receiver to HomePatrol.

•    Connect HomePatrol-2 to the GPS receiver’s serial port.

•    Once the GPS receiver acquires satellite signals and determines its location, it starts providing valid location data to your HomePatrol-2 and the GPS Detected screen displays. Tap Use GPS if you want your GPS device to automatically enable/disable channels based on the current location. Tap Ignore GPS if you want to continue using the last set location.

•    HomePatrol-2 selects channels and begins monitoring transmissions.

•    Note: The channel selection process occurs in the background. The only time you will notice a database change is when you approach a state border.

Setting Up GPS

Tapping GPS Location from the Set Your Location (or tap and hold the GPS button on the Radio Control bar) menu allows you to set HomePatrol-2 formats to match your GPS:

•    Location format. DD.dddd (Decimal Degrees) or DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) are two different ways of presenting latitude and longitude. (Default – DD.dddd)

•    GPS Baud Rate

  • 4800 (normal seffing, default)
  • 9600
  • 19200
  • 38400
  • 57600
  • 115200

•    «Ignore GPS» selector. If you have a GPS system in operation, you can set HomePatrol-2 to ignore GPS input and it will focus on transmissions from the last location set. Otherwise, HomePatrol-2 will continually update location based on GPS input.

NOTE: The third row of the GPS Location screen will show the status of a connected GPS.


HomePatrol-2’s Sentinel software, which you had the opportunity to load to your PC on installation, lets you manage your HomePatrol-2 profiles, Favorites Lists, databases, and firmware updates.

Manage Profiles

HomePatrol-2 profiles are «snapshots» of your HomePatrol-2 set up. A profile contains all your configuration settings as well as all of your Favorites Lists, Avoids, and System seffings. Sentinel can save multiple HomePatrol-2 profiles so you can also restore different profiles as you need them.

For example, If you regularly visit a specific location, you can create a profile for that location. You can save it to Sentinel to use whenever you visit. Refer to HOMEPATROL-2 PROFILES later in this manual or HomePatrol-2 Sentinel Help files for more information and details on managing profiles.

Manage Favorites Lists

You can create Favorites Lists in Sentinel and then associate them with specific profiles. When those profiles are written to HomePatrol-2, only those specified Favorites Lists are written. Refer to the HomePatrol-2 Sentinel Help files for more information and details on managing Favorites Lists.

Manage Databases

The HomePatrol-2 website updates transmission databases every week. You can decide how often you want to update the databases on your HomePatrol-2 unit. When you update them through Sentinel, it checks the website for the most current database and copies it to HomePatrol-2. Refer to the HomePatrol-2 Sentinel Help files for more information and details on managing databases.

Create New or Edit Existing Systems

Sentinel v2 and later allows you to create your own systems, or edit systems already in a Favorites list. These systems can include information not provided by the weekly database downloads.

Share Favorites Lists

Create and share favorites lists with your friends or others in the HomePatrol community.

Manage Firmware Updates

HomePatrol-2 updates its firmware through Sentinel. In that process, Sentinel connects to the internet and checks for the current firmware version to download. Refer to the HomePatrol-2 Sentinel Help files for more information and details on managing firmware updates.

Installing Sentinel

When you initially turn on HomePatrol-2, it will recommend that you connect HomePatrol-2 to your PC and install the Sentinel software. This is an optional step that could take several minutes. HomePatrol-2 will install to your PC like an additional drive. Open the drive and navigate to the setup.exe file in the Setup folder. Double-click setup.exe.

If you are unable to locate this file, download the latest version from http://info.uniden.com/ HomePatrol.

Sentinel will automatically notify you if a more recent version is available.

How to Install HomePatrol-2 Sentinel Software

If you have not already installed HomePatrol-2 Sentinel software, follow these procedures.

1.    Use the USB cable to connect HomePatrol-2 to your PC.

2.    Turn on HomePatrol-2 if it is not already on. Select Mass Storage. The HomePatrol-2 screen turns white while it is connected to the PC.

3.    Sentinel software installation should begin immediately. If it does not, open the drive folder and run Setup.exe in the Setup folder.

4.    When installation is complete, Sentinel software and various documents are installed on your PC.

5.    Disconnect the USB cable. HomePatrol-2 begins initial setup procedures.


Problem Try this…
My HomePatrol-2 won’t turn on.

Hold the power button down for at least 3 seconds.

Check that the unit is receiving power.

Verify that the batteries are inserted correctly.

If it is connected to a power adapter, verify that the adapter is receiving power.

My HomePatrol-2 won’t stop on any channels.

Check for Avoided channels.

Adjust antenna.

Adjust Range.

Adjust Squelch.

Adjust Atten.

Move the unit to a different location.

HomePatrol-2 stops on a channel but I can’t hear anything. Verify that MUTE is not on. Check the volume.
Weather monitoring won’t work.

Adjust the antenna.

Adjust the Squelch.

There might not be a NOAA broadcast in your area. Move to an area with a known NOAA broadcast to verify.

My HomePatrol-2 won’t turn off. Make sure you are holding the power button down long enough. Press and hold for at least 3 – 5 seconds.
Recording and Replay do not work. Because HomePatrol-2 writes data to the SD memory card during these operations, they are disabled if you are operating from external power only, with batteries not installed, or if battery power becomes too low when operating from batteries.
I have another question… where can I go for help? Visit the HomePatrol community at http:// www.HomePatrol.com for official help and support, as well as to discuss your HomePatrol-2 experiences with other users.

HomePatrol-2 Specifications

Display Standard 3.5-inch Hi Color LCD (65K) with backlight QVGA 320 X 240 (3.5 inch)
Touch Panel LCD with Touch Panel
Controls/Switches Power On/Off Volume Control Reset Switch
External Jacks/Slots

ANT. Jack

–    SMA Type Phone Jack

–    3.5 mm (Stereo Type)

–    32 ohm (Stereo headphone)

–    64 ohm (Earphone)

Line Out Jack

–    2.5 mm (Stereo Type)

–    600 ohm for Audio Output GPS Interface Jack

–    4-pin Mini Type (RS232C) USB Jack

–    5-pin Mini USB Type Memory Card Slot

–    MicroSD Type

Internal Speaker 8 ohm. 2.0 W Max (36 0)
Power Requirements

4 x AA size Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (2300mAh) (included) 4 x AA size Alkaline Batteries (not included) or

AC Adapter (AC 120V 60Hz 9V 800mA Regulated)

DC Adapter (DC 12V to DC 9V 800mA Regulated)

Operating Temperature +14° F ( – 10° C) ~ +140° F (+ 60° C)
Storage Temperature – 22° F (- 30° C) ~ +140° F (+ 60° C)
Size (mm) 3.3 in (84.5 mm) H x 5.9 in (149 mm) W x 1.5 in (38.4 mm) D (Without antenna)
Weight 10.6 oz (300g) (Without batteries and antenna)
  • AA size NiMH Rechargeable Battery (2300mAh X 4) Rubber antenna (SMA type)
  • USB cable (USB A to USB Mini B Type)
  • MicroSD Card (2GB)
  • Desk Use Bracket (Stand Type)
Scanning Speed 100 CH/Sec (maximum)
Trunk Tracking
  • Motorola Type I 800
  • Motorola Type II 800, 900, UHF, VHF
  • EDACS Wide, Narrow
  • LTR
  • APCO P25 Phase 2

Band Coverage

Frequency (MHz) Modulation (Note 1) Step (kHz) (Note 2) Remark
Lower Edge Upper Edge
25.0000 26.9600 AM 5.0 Petroleum Products & Broadcast Pickup
26.9650 27.4050 AM 5.0 CB Class D Channel
27.4100 27.9950 AM 5.0 Business & Forest Products
28.0000 29.6950 NFM 20.0 10 Meter Amateur Band
29.7000 49.9950 NFM 10.0 VHF Low Band
50.0000 53.9950 NFM 20.0 6 Meter Amateur Band
108.0000 136.9950 AM 8.33 Aircrad Band
137.0000 143.9950 NFM 12.5 Military Land Mobile
144.0000 147.9950 NFM 5.0 2 Meter Amateur Band
148.0000 150.7950 NFM 12.5 Military Land Mobile
150.8000 161.9950 NFM 5.0 VHF High Band
162.0000 173.9950 NFM 12.5 Federal Government
174.0000 215.9950 FM 5.0 TV Broadcast 7 – 13
216.0000 224.9950 NFM 20.0 1.25 Meter Amateur Band
225.0000 379.9950 AM 25.0 UHF Aircrad Band
380.0000 399.9950 NFM 12.5 Military Band
400.0000 405.9950 NFM 12.5 Miscellaneous
406.0000 419.9950 NFM 12.5 Federal Government Land Mobile
420.0000 449.9950 NFM 12.5 70 cm Amateur Band
450.0000 469.9950 NFM 12.5 UHF Standard Band
470.0000 512.0000 NFM 12.5 UHF TV
758.0000 787.9950 NFM 6.25 Public Service Band
788.0000 805.9950 NFM 6.25 Public Service Band
806.0000 823.9875 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band
849.0125 868.9875 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band
894.0125 960.0000 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band

Note 1: Modulation Quick Frequency Entry default settings. Select from AM / FM / NFM. Preprogrammed frequency modulation cannot be changed.

Note 2: Step Quick Frequency Entry default settings. Select from AUTO, 5k,6.25k, 7.5k, 8.33k, 10k, 12.5k, 15k, 20k, or 25k. If Auto is selected for Step setting, HomePatrol uses the default step setting.

Download User Manual

HomePatrol-2 Owner’s Manual Version 1.1 08/2020

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