uBITX Display Separation Cable

| diciembre 2, 2017

uBITX Display Separation Cable

Unlike the BITX40v3 design; on the uBITX, the raduino board must remain plugged into the main board so that connections are kept as short as possible. If you are using a long enclosure and wish to mount the main board at the rear so that the two IRF510’s can use the rear metal enclosure end as a heat-sink, then you will need to move the LCD display forward while leaving the raduino attached to the main board.

I found that a discarded computer IDE cable (with the three 39 pin connectors) will mate with the LCD board. The cable I used was labeled for connecting two CD ROM drives, and the two connectors closest together were kept with the remaining connector and ribbon cable cut off.

uBITX Display Separation Cable

The two connectors I used were labeled CD1 and CD2

I used an ohmmeter to verify connectivity between the two connectors and found that the 20 pin row of one was wired to the same pins on the second connector.

Use «Liquid Tape» or something to insulate the ends of the ribbon cable wires that were cut off so they can’t accidently make contact with anything.

This cable design will permit a separation distance of from about 1-1/8 inch to about 7 inches. If less than about 1-1/8 inch is needed, then a different solution is needed. The two ribbon cable connectors and the «gender changer» prevent the two circuit boards from being mounted any closer.

Testing for this cable was done using the BITX40v3 raduino and LCD display.

Since both connectors on the ribbon cable are female type, a «gender changer» is required at one end to plug into the raduino board.

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