TYT MD-9600 FCC Certification

| diciembre 30, 2017

TYT MD-9600 FCC Certification

MD-9600 is DMR with dual band,dual display, dual standby mobile radio, comply with Tier I and Tier II; 136-174 & 400-480Mhz, up to 10,000 contacts; The radio has been certificate by FCC and CE.

The DMR mobile radio was designed to operate in the frequency bands 400-480MHz & 136-174MHz.

To aid equipment authorization in other countries which accept the United States FCC Grant for certification, TYT ELECT RONICS CO., LTD is requesting that the FCC lists the frequencies 400-480MHz136-174MHz, under FCC Rules Parts 90 on the FCC Grant.

TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD attests that the repeater will not be marketed to USA users with the frequency band which is not allowed by the rule part 90.

Per the FCC’ KDB634817 guidance, as an alternative to listing the exact frequencies, we acknowledge that it’s aviolation of the FCC Rules if this device operates on unauthorized frequencies.

UHF: 400-480MHz

Frequency Range (MHz) FCC Rule Part
400-406 MHz For Federal
406.1-450 MHz FCC Part 90
450-454 MHz FCC Part 90
460-462.5375MHz FCC Part 90
462.7375-467.5375MHz FCC Part 90
467.7357-480MHz FCC Part 90

VHF: 136-174 MHz

Frequency Range (MHz) FCC Rule Part
136-150.8 MHz For Federal
150.8-152.855MHz FCC Part 90
152.855-154MHz FCC Part 90
154-156.2475MHz FCC Part 90
157.1875-157.45MHz FCC Part 90
157.45-161.575MHz FCC Part 90
161.755-161.9625MHz FCC Part 90
162.0375-173.2MHz FCC Part 90
173.2-173.4MHz FCC Part 90
173.4-174MHz For Federal

TYT Electronics MD-9600 Main Features

  • 50W out put power
  • Dual band dual standby ,dual time slot
  • Single call match, group call match
  • USE TDMA digital function
  • Comply with digital protocol ESTI TS102361-1-2-3
  • Compatable with Mototrbo
  • Analog and digital combined
  • ANI function
  • Encryption Function
  • Remote Kill/Stun and activate
  • Short Text message function
  • Call log check and edit function
  • Short Text message check and edit function
  • 250 zones, 16channles for each zone
  • Draft message edit function
  • PC Password protection function
  • Contacts check and edit function
  • Upgradeable by firmware
  • Voice prompt
  • Color LCD Display
  • Low voltage prompt
  • Encryption Alert
  • VOX Transmitting
  • Monitor function
  • SQL Setting

TYT Electronics MD-9600 User Manual

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