TH-D74 Mod Extended Tx Frequency

| octubre 11, 2016

TH-D74 Mod Extended Tx Frequency

Mod your Kenwood TH-D74 for full Tx on VHF/UHF. After performing the mod, the radio will TX from 136 MHz to 174 MHz and from 410 MHz to 470 MHz.

The modification is performed on a European version – TH-D74E (E-type/Europe)

1. Download the USB driver from here: http://www.kenwood.eom/i/products/info/amateur/thd74 vcp e.html

2. Download the Programming software MCP-D74 (last version at the bottom of the page) http://www.kenwood.eom/i/products/info/amateur/mepd74 e.html read the instructions, do not connect the radio yet! Install virtual driver, install programming software.

Download and save the memory content on the hard-drive.

Please do not perform this mod if you do not have experience with soldering small parts under microscope or strong binoculars.

Please do not transmitt on frequencies you are not authorised!

Please do not blame me for destroying your radio. I am doing this stuff for very long time… I am not responsible for your failure even making the same steps I do. The radio modded here is an European version.

video recommended for disassembly

3. Remove antenna and the two coaxial button caps. Unscrew the washers.

4. Remove the rubber protection of the side connectors.

TH-D74 Mod Extended Tx Frequency

5. Unscrew the two black screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

6. Slide gently the whole metal part of the radio. Pay attention to the coaxial Vol/Encoder which is _now loose inside the radio!

7. Remove the rear bottom plastic shield

8. Pay attention to the flatbed connector. I do not recommend lifting the locking tab but to gently pull the flatbed from the connector and AFTER THAT lifting the tab! That piece of plastic is VERY fragile!

TH-D74 Mod Extended Tx Frequency

9. Locate R761. The small resistor is in the bottom-left corner of the metal shield. Just near the corner and is numbered on the PCB. Put a lot of solder flux and use a good thermo-regulated soldering station to remove the resistor. ATTENTION: The resistor is not only soldered but also glued to the pcb so you have to work carefull not to destroy the PCB!

10. Assembly the radio. Put the antenna and the battery. Start the radio. The radio will reset itself after the mod. Test the radio. Now it should transmitt between 136-174 MHz and 410-470 MHz.

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