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SSM-BT10 Bluetooth Headset

  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.,Ltd.

SSM-BT10 Bluetooth HeadsetThe company Bluetooth headset has a fashionable design, powerful functions, and high compatibility, providing you with hands-free convenience in making calls and listening to music. It is your best choice in office and during traveling and driving.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

With the Bluetooth wireless technology, you can connect the headset to its compatible communication devices without using cables. The Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to use a cell phone without holding it against the headset, but the maximum distance between them cannot exceed 10 meters (about30 feet). The Bluetooth wireless connection may be interfered by obstacles (such as walls) or other electronic devices.

In some areas, use of the Bluetooth wireless technology may be subject to some constraints. Please consult your local authority or service provider for details.

Quick Start

The headset consists of the following components:

1. MFB (Multi Function Button)

2. LED indicator

3.    Volume +/-

4. Receiver

5. Ear hook

6. Micro USB charging port

7. Microphone

The product features and functions as follows:

  • Extremely large battery capacity, supporting long-time use
  • Stable calling and smooth music playing
  • Super-clear voice call design
  • Comfortable and firm wearing

How to connect with the Bluetooth headset (Note: Use iPhone for example)

1. At power off status, hold down MFB for about 2 seconds until the headset enter into a paring mode with red & blue light flash alternately.

2.Open the Bluetooth software of your phone, searching the headset. 3.Find the Bluetooth headset, pairing it to finish the connected.

Basic Operations

Power on: At power off status, hold down MFB for about 2 seconds until the red & blue light flash alternately, together with a voice of «Power On».

Connection: After successful pairing, you will hear a voice of ‘ ‘Connected”. o    Hang up calls: When you are on a call, press MFB with a beep to end the call.

Reject incoming calls: When a call is coming, double click MFB button to reject the incoming call.

Call transfer: During call communication, hold down MFB for 1 second then release to transfer the call. Repeat the step to switch back to the cell phone.

Call answer: When a call is incoming, press MFB with a beep to answer the call.

Re-dial the last called number: Double-click MFB with a beep to re-dial the last called phone number.

Music play/pause: When you are listening to music, press MFB once to pause music. Press it again to play music.

Volume up: Click Volume+ each time, the volume will be increased for one level. You will hear a beep when the volume is increased to maximum.

Volume down: Click Volume- each time, the volume will be reduced for one level. You will hear a beep when the volume is reduced to minimum.

Previous song: When you are listening to music, hold down Volume – for 1 second to switch to the previous song.

Next song: When you are listening to music, hold down Volume + for 1 second to switch to the next song.

iOS Battery Indicator: After the headset is successfully connected to an Apple device, the Apple device displays the current battery status of the Bluetooth headset.

Power off: At any status, long press MFB about 5 seconds, until the red indicator remains on for 1 second then turns off, you will hear a voice of «Power Off».

Start / shut the voice control: At connection status, hold down MFB for about 1 second with a beep. Repeat the step to shut voice control.

Multi-point function: At power off status, hold down MFB until red and blue indicators blink alternatively to power on and enter into the pairing mode. Connect the Bluetooth headset to cell phone A , after successful connection ,power off the headset.

Open the headset again to enter into paring mode, and connect it to cell phone B. After successful connection, power off the headset. Open the headset until the blue indicator blinks 3 times then to release, it needn’t enter into the pairing mode this time , and will auto connect the previous connected cell phone A and B. Now you can use the headset to answer the coming call from any cell phone A or B.

Chinese/English Switch: When the headset is being charged, long press MFB button ^ Volume+ and Volume-simultaneously about 1second to switch language.

Clear connection record: Press the MFB button for about 5 seconds when the headset is being charged. The indicator blinks red for three times and the factory settings are restored.

Charger and Battery

Before using any charger to charge this headset, check whether the specifications of the charger meet requirements. The recommended output voltage of the charger is DC5V+/-0.25V, and the recommended output current is 100 mA to 500 mA. An over-high charging voltage may damage the headset.

Warning: Only use the recommended charger if possible. Other chargers may violate the warranty terms of the equipment and results in danger. If the charging cable is delivered with the headset, connect the cable to a CCC-certified charger or computer to charge the headset.

Charging the Battery

The headset is embedded with non-removable charging battery. Do not attempt to remove the battery from the headset; otherwise, the headset may be damaged. If the headset is not used in a long time, keep it in a dry and well-ventilated place, and charge the headset once every two months.

1. If the red indicator blinks with a voice prompt » Battery Low «, the headset battery is low. If the headset continues to work, it may be automatically powered off. At this time, you need to charge the headset by connecting the cable of the charger to the charging port on the headset.

2. Connect the charger to an AC power socket.

The red indicator is on when the headset is being charged. If the charging is not started yet, disconnect the headset from the power socket, and reconnect the headset again. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the headset. After battery charging is completed, the red indicator is off, and the blue indicator is on. At this time, you can disconnect the charger from the power socket and headset.

A fully charged battery can provide about 12 hours of talk time, or 400hours of standby time. The actual talk time and standby time may vary with different cell phones, settings, use methods, and environment.


Problem Description Cause Solution
The battery is exhausted. Use the charger to fully charge the battery.
Power on function is failed. Time of holding down MFB button is too short. Press the MFB button again.
Charging function is failed. The charging port is not properly connected. Reconnect the charging port.
Power off function is failed. The headset program is in error due to an incorrect operation. Use the charger to charge and reset the headset.
The headset cannot be searched or pairing fails. The headset does not enter into the pairing state. Enable the headset to enter into the pairing state.
The Bluetooth application of the cell phone is in error. Close the cell phone and start again to pair the cell phone with the headset.

After-Sales Service

We provide the «repair, replacement and return warranties» («3Rs-Warranty») service to all products strictly according to national laws and regulations, and the warranty period is one year.

We do not directly provide the return and replacement services.

If you find any quality problem when using our products, please contact your local distributors as soon as possible for timely replacement. The after-sales service is not provided for the following cases:

1.The Fragile label is altered or torn up.

2.The product is damaged due to contact with liquid or water.

3.The cover or other components of the product are seriously distorted due to external forces.

4.The product is damaged due to improper operations or storage.

5.The product is damaged due to an accident or negligence.

6.The product is damaged due to commercial use of the product in abnormal conditions.

7. Any other situations similar to the preceding ones.


1.To extend the service life of the battery, you are advised to charge the headset at least once a month.

2.Please use the charger provided by company to charge the headset. Use of other low-quality chargers may bring about dangers.

3.Adjust the volume to an appropriate degree when using the headset.

4.DO NOT wear the headset when sleeping; otherwise, the headset may be damaged or cause injuries to you.

5.When driving, you are advised to use the company Bluetooth headset to ensure your driving safety. It is dangerous to directly use cell phones when driving.

6. Keep the headset away from kids. Small components of the headset may cause suffocation or other injuries to kids.

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy; and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

SSM-BT10 Bluetooth Headset

EU Declaration of Conformity

We, Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd of Tokyo, Japan, hereby declare that this radio equipment SSM-BT10 is in full compliance with EU Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.

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