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| marzo 9, 2019

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Sentinel Latest Version

Latest Version 2.02.01.

  • Added settings to support the latest firmware updates for the SDS100/200

Download Sentinel 2.02.01

1.07.03 –> 1.07.05: Change drive access to prevent clearing primary drive.

1.07.05 –> 2.00.01: Change to support NXDN and SDS100

2.00.01 –> 2.00.02: Minor tweaks

2.00.02 –> 2.00.05: Adjusted some elements for better SDS100 support:

  • Remove keylock option for SDS100
  • Add copy customizations for the display customizer
  • Add return to default settings for the display customizer

2.00.05 –> 2.00.08

  • Corrected to show the main and sub firmware versions for SDS100 and to show the Wi-Fi module version for BCD536HP
  • Changed to show the Soft keys and Avoid keys in reverse, as they show on the scanner.
  • Added options to export and import display customization settings for sharing with other users or archiving display variations.
  • Changed so that certain profile options are hidden depending on the selected model.
  • Added warning that model-specific options could be lost and prompt to save as new profile when reading from scanner.
  • Added Unit ID Name 1-4 to the display customizer. Each field shows 16 characters of the Unit ID.

2.00.08 –> 2.00.10

  • Added Site NAC Operation to the Profile Editor (Miscellaneous tab)
  • Changed the initial dB version to the 7/1/18 release.
  • Added the «Modulation» attribute to MotoTRBO, DMR, and NXDN sites
  • Addressed the problem of Windows OS access rights.

2.00.08 –> 2.01.00

  • Add support for SDS200

2.01.00 –> 2.01.01 (1/24/2019)

  • Add support for SDS100/200 filter options added in the latest firmware

2.01.01 –> 2.01.02

  • Add «Off» menu option for RF filters.

2.01.02 –> 2.01.03

  • Fixed a bug that prevented selection of conventional systems by location.

2.01.03 –> 2.02.01

  • Added settings to support the latest firmware updates for the SDS100/200
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