RTC02B Radio Transceiver Controller

| febrero 13, 2016

RTC02B Radio Transceiver Controller

with on board Si5351

RTC02B is the newest version of radio transceiver controller (RTC) Jalapindai/Homebrewpartner. This RTC was born after long development since 2010 using DDS AD9850. This RTC version used Si5351 as frequency synthesizer and used 2 of 3 output on the chips.

SDR mode with 4x VFO out vs frequency display also supported covering all HF band (4-120MHz out covering 1-30MHz HF band ). CB 40 channel also supported by this module. Beside VFO out, this module given BFO frequency according to IF and SSB offset setting. Onboard button and Rotary Encoder made this module easy to applied on to your existing exciter such us BITX, Ararinha and other, heterodyne or direct conversion method.



  • HF All band controller
  • BFO oscillator
  • USB/LSB/AM switch control
  • IF bandwith control
  • AGC control
  • NB control
  • VFO A/B
  • CB mode channel
  • Voltage monitor, Temperature monitor, fordward reflected monitor
  • Alarm indicator
  • 6 onboard button
  • 1 rotary plus push button
  • VFO out 4X freq operasi (SDR mode)


Type: Radio Transceiver Controller
Model: RTC02B
Frequency Band(s): HF     
Brand: Homebrewpartner
Supported Modes: SDR, AM, SSB, CW     
Country/Region of Manufacture: Indonesia

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