QYT KT-9900

| septiembre 7, 2021

Mini 25w waterproof color screen microphone mobile radio

QYT KT-9900 is our new mini mobile radio. It is a waterproof 25w mobile radio. At the same time, its hand microphone has a color screen.

  • FCC ID: 2AV62KT-9900
  • MODEL NAME: KT-9900
  • APPLICANT: QYT Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • DATE OF ISSUE: Aug. 27, 2021
  • STANDARD(S): FCC Part 15 Rules


Manufacturer: QYT Electronics Co., Ltd.
Product Designation: Mobile Radio
Brand Name: QYT
Test Model: KT-9900
Measurement Procedure: ANSI C63.4: 2014
Deviation: No any deviation from the test method.
Date of Test: Aug. 13, 2021~Aug. 20, 2021
Condition of Test Sample: Normal
Test Result: Pass


The EUT is a Mobile Radio designed for voice communication. It is designed by way of utilizing the F3E modulation achieves the system operating. A major technical description of EUT is described as following:

Communication Type Voice / Tone only
Modulation FM
RX Frequency Range 136-174MHz, 400-480 MHz (Scanning Receiver)
Emission Type F3E
Antenna Designation Detachable Antenna
Antenna Gain 0dBi (Typical), 3dBi (Max)
Hardware Version 1.0
Software Version V 1.0
Power Supply DC 13.8V

Manufacturer Description & Specifications:

QYT KT-9900 is our newly launched mobile radio. It is a 25w waterproof mobile radio. It does not have a screen, but its hand microphone has buttons and a display. All operations can be achieved through the hand microphone.

Frequency range VHF: 144~148MHz
UHF: 430-440MHz
Number of channels 200 channels
Channel spacing 25KHz (wideband) 20K (midband) 12.5 (narrowband)
Phase lock step 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 10KHZ, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 25KHz
Working voltage 13.8VDC±15%
Squelchmethod Carrier/CTCSS/DCS/5Tone/2Tone/DTMF
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Working temperature ’-20~+60℃
Size 98(W)×35(H)×118(D)mm
Weight 408g
Receiving part (ETSIEN300086 standard test)
Broadband Narrowband
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) ≤0.25uV 50.35V
Adjacent channel selectivity ≥70dB ≥60dB
Intermodulation ≥65dB 60dB
False signal response 70dB 70dB
Audio response ‘+1-3dB (0.3-3KHz) +1-3dB (0.3-2.55KHz)
S/N ratio 45dB 40dB
Audio distortion ≤5%
Audio output power ≥2W±10%
Transmitting part (ETSIEN300086 standard test)
Broadband Narrowband
Output power 25W/20W (VHF/UHF)
Modulation 16KφF3E 11KφF3E
Adjacent channel powe ≥70dB ≥60dB
S/N Ratio ≥40dB ≥36dB
Parasitic and harmonic ≥60dB ≥60dB
Audio response ’+1~-3dB (0.3-3KHz) ‘+1~-3dB (0.3-2.55KHz)
Audio distortion ≤5%

QYT KT-9900 User Manual

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