President Randy FCC

| enero 20, 2021

Portable Handheld & Mobile CB Transceiver

President Randy FCC

In Accordance With:
FCC 47 CFR Part 95 Subpart D, Part 15 Subpart B

Licensed Non-Broadcast Station Transmitter (TNB)
RSS-GEN, RSS-236 Issue 1

Citizen Band (26.960 to 27.410 MHz)

Client Information
Applicant Name (FCC)

President Electronics USA

President Randy FCC – DUT Information

Device Type: Portable Handheld & Mobile CBRS Transceiver
Device Model(s) / HVIN: RANDY FCC
Device Marketing Name / PMN: RANDY FCC
Firmware Version ID Number / FVIN:
Host Marketing Name / HMN:
Test Sample Serial No.: T/A Sample – Identical Prototype
Equipment Class (FCC): Licensed Non-Broadcast Transmitter Held to Face (TNF)
Equipment Class (ISED): Citizen Band (26.960 to 27.410 MHz)
Transmit Frequency Range: 26.965 – 27.405 MHz
Test Channels: 40
Manuf. Max. Rated Output Power: 1W & 4W, (30dBm & 36dBm)
Manuf. Max. Rated BW/Data Rate: 8.0kHz
Antenna Make and Model: Detachable Flex or External Whip
Antenna Type and Gain: 0dBi Typical, 3dBi Max
Modulation: AM
Mode: Simplex
Emission Designator: See Section 8.0
DUT Power Source: 7.4VDC Rechargeable Li-Ion
DUT Dimensions [HxWxD] (mm) 152 x 66.5 x 37
Deviation(s) from standard/procedure: None
Modification of DUT: None

President Randy FCC – LABEL LOCATION

President Randy FCC

This Certification Report was prepared on behalf of:

President Electronics USA

The Applicant in accordance with the applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) CFR 47 and Innovation, Scientific and Economic Development (ISED) Canada rules parts and regulations (the ‘Rules’). The scope of this investigation was limited to only the equipment, devices and accessories (the «Equipment’) supplied by the Applicant.

The tests and measurements performed on this Equipment were only those set forth in the applicable Rules and/or the Test and Measurement Standards they reference. The Rules applied and the Test and Measurement Standards used during this evaluation appear in the Normative References section of this report. The limits set forth in the technical requirements of the applicable Rules were applied to the measurement results obtained during this evaluation and ,unless otherwise noted, these limits were used as the Pass/Fail criteria.

The Pass/Fail statements made in this report apply to only the tests and measurements performed on only the Equipment tested during this evaluation. Where applicable and permissible, information including test and measurement data and/or results from previous evaluations of same or similar equipment, devices and/or accessories may be cited in this report.


The RANDY FCC is Portable Handheld and Mobile 1W/4W, AM CBRS transceiver. With a detachable antenna, it can be configured as a stand-alone portable handheld device or connected to an external vehicular mounted antenna for mobile applications. This Equipment can transmit at a user configurable 1W or 4W transmitter power.

Certification Requirement:

In accordance with FCC 47 CFR Part 2, Subpart J and ISED RSP-100, this Equipment is subject to certification to FCC 47 CFR Part 95, Subpart D and ISED RSS-236. In addition, this Equipment is subject to a Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) in accordance with FCC 47 CFR §15.101.

RF Exposure Requirement:

As per FCC 47 CFR §2.1091, §2.1093 and Health Canada Safety Code 6, RF Exposure evaluations (SAR – Portable, MPE -Mobile) are required for this Equipment. This Equipment is capable of Voice Activated Transmission (VOX), a 75% transmit duty factor applies. The results of the RF Exposure evaluations appear separate reports accompanied with this application.


This is an application for a new FCC and ISED certification.


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