president bill fcc mods

| noviembre 8, 2018

CB Radio President Bill modification

Modification for 20 watts in CB TX radio president Bill

 president bill fcc mods

How to have more power in the president bill

For this modification you need:

  • Small torx or flat head screwdriver to open the case
  • small side cutter
  • tip pliers
  • welder
  • thin wire bridge isolated

A. First, we remove the bottom cover of President Bill.
To do this, remove the 4 screws and, if necessary, disconnect the cable between the speaker and the circuit board.
Attention: The fourth screw is under the label.

B. Now look in the right front area for bridges, 2 are white wire and the other is a pluggable bridge.

The plug-in bridge is changed from the internal contact center <-> to the external contact center – as shown in the picture. A pair of needle-nose pliers is very useful here.

Next, the bridge of white wire labeled as 2 is broken. For this a small electronic side cutter is used.
Finally, bridge # 3 must be closed, otherwise, the modification of 20 watts is not possible.

I cut a small piece of insulated wire to the correct length and welded with a small 6 watt soldering iron. If you use a DIP switch instead of the bridge, you can switch between 4 watts and 20 watts internally.

president bill fcc mods

Photo: This is how it should look after the modification. The connection bridge connects the contact center with the contact towards the side of the housing, the white cable of bridge 2 is cut off and the bridge is welded to bridge 3.

Re-screw the cover, if necessary, insert the speaker plug again if it has loosened, MADE Now there are 940 channels available in the AJ bands, which can be changed with the F key. In addition, the UK band (switchable with the AM / FM button) and the transmitting power are now 20 watts in FM and between 6 and 8 watts in AM.

Warning: I acted at your own risk!
With this modification, the operating license of the CB radio is turned off.

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