Muzen Original 2 M2

| noviembre 17, 2018

Muzen Original 2 (M2)

AM&FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker



Trade Mark: MUZEN
Model No.: R602BPWI
Add. Model No.: R602I, R602AI, R602BI R602CI, R602DI,
R602EI, R602FI, R602GI, R602HI,
R602JI, R602KI, R602LI, R602MIDeclaration of DifferencesWe the undersigned hereby confirm that any of our production units bearing the following model numbers are identical in circuitry and electrical, mechanical and physical construction; the only differences are the appearanceand model no. for trading purpose.

The above appearance is for color and silk-screen only


Report Number: 180728014RFC-1
Test Standards: FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart C
Test Result: PASS
Date of Issue: October 30, 2018

Product features

1.    The M2 Radio is made of woods such as walnut and rosewood. The materials are hard, yet delicate and smooth, with anti-cracking, anti-bacterial, corrosion-resistant characteristics and more! Each radio has a unique texture and personality.

2.    The M2 Radio has been cut, degummed, sealed, dried, precast, shaped, paneled, formed, and had 27 other processes carried out on it while being hand-made over 60 days.

3.    It uses a mechanical copper deceleration tuning knob for a smooth user experience!

4.    Each radio displays special fluorescent vacuum tube from the 1950s to 1970s that shows changes in electrical signals.

5.    Excellent HiFi sound quality.

6.    The M2 Radio uses a two-frequency speaker, a silk film treble, a woolen paper cone, and a heavy bass speaker which can really show off the characteristics of a variety of music genres.

7.    It utilizes the CSR 8645 Bluetooth scheme, NFC quick connection and supports APTX transmission without disruption.

Packing list

  • Radio x 1
  • Power cord x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • External FM antenna x 1
  • External AM antenna x 1
  • Spare fuse x 1
  • Warranty card x 1
  • Product certificate x 1
  • Postcard x 2
  • Sticker x 2

Product diagram

Tuning knob


Startup & Shutdown

• Use the device’s power cord to connect the power.

(It is recommended to use the schematic diagram as illustrated)

• Flip the power switch 1 to “I» and the power will turn on.

• Turn power switch 2/volume control knob clockwise until you hear a snap as the power switch is turned on. Turn the power off by turning it counterclockwise.

• When not using the machine for long periods of time, flip power switch 1 to «O» to turn off the power.

 Volume adjustment

Function selection

Rotate the function knob to a different gear to use different functions.

• Note: The FM/FMst gear set on the machine has the stereo function of frequency modulation bands, and higher signal to noise ratios can be obtained by listening to FM mono channels.

Listening to FM/AM radio

•    This device supports listening to FM and AM broadcasts. When in use, turn the function knob to FM/AM, then rotate the tuning knob to listen to the radio.

•    Note: When tuning, the red indicator line on the transparent indicator disk should not cross the scale range black indicator point, otherwise the tuning element can be easily damaged!

•    When the listening results are not good, the external antenna can be used to improve this. When in use, insert the external antenna into the FM/AM antenna interface, and then flip the internal/external switch © of the FM/AM antenna to external.

•    This device can connect with a special external antenna or special wire antenna.

Bluetooth usage Function knob connection

• Turn the function knob to AUX/^.., turn on your Bluetooth function on your phone or device, look for the Bluetooth named Muzen Original II and connect to use it.

NFC connection

• The Bluetooth connection can be automatically paired by bringing the NFC-enabled Bluetooth device closer to the NFC location of the device.

The light flashes when not connected. When the connection is successful, the light will always be on.

• Note: Please wait for more than 20 seconds and then turn the function switch on again or restart the Bluetooth function. Otherwise, the connection may fail automatically when you use it next time (you will need to connect manually).

Pairing with other devices:

If you need to connect other devices, turn the function knob to PAIR, hold for more than 5 seconds and then switch it back to the AUX/^ position. The paired device will be disconnected and other devices can be paired with it.

Using the AUX INPUT

•    Insert the AUX signal cable into the AUX IN connector, turn the function knob to AUX, and play the signal source.

•    In the case of a Bluetooth connection, unpairing or disconnecting will automatically go to the AUX state.

Output recording

• This device can be connected to external recording equipment or other amplifying equipment via a 0.14in audio cable, and the received signals can be recorded or amplified again. This recording output can also be connected to an external speaker.

Headphone connection

External stereo headset (sold separately).


Main technical indicators

  • Frequency range: FM87-108MHz    AM520-1700KHz
  • Stereo separation: 35dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: FM > 50dB    AM > 35dB
  • Noise limit sensitivity: FM<3UV    AM<1mV
  • Degree of distortion: FM<0.5%    AM<1%
  • Undistorted output power: ^16W (4 Ohm)
  • Single signal selectivity: Better than 50 dB
  • Loudspeaker frequency response: 80Hz~16KHz
  • Amplifier frequency response: 30Hz~20KHz
  • Internal speaker: 4-6 Ohm 15W
  • Main IC models: TDA7265 SI4831
  • bluetooth module: BTM8645 Specification v4.0
  • Power supply: AC120 V/ 60Hz
  • Product size: 11.81*7.09*11.42in
  • Product net weight: 12.13 lbs

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