Midland MXT500

| mayo 19, 2021

Micro Mobile GMRS 2-WAY Radio

Midland MXT500 Designed for General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operation, this compact package is big on performance.

Midland MXT500


  • 50-Watt GMRS Radio
  • 15 GMRS Channels
  • 8 Repeater Channels
  • Split Privacy Tones
  • Water Resistant – IPX6
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Narrow and Wide Band
  • 142 Privacy Codes (38 CTCSS/104 DCS)
  • Monitor Function
  • Keypad Lock
  • Talk Around Function
  • Automatic Power Off Function
  • Adjustable Color and Brightness Settings for Backlight on LCD
  • Call Function
  • Scan Function
  • Silent Operation
  • Scan Skip
  • Power Hi/Mi/Low Settings
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Intercom Jack
  • USB-C Port for device charging in front panel
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Compatible with all Midland FRS/GMRS radios
  • GMRS License Required


Midland MXT500

1. Antenna Jack

2. Intercom jack

3. External Speaker jack


The MXT500 operates on GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequencies, which require a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license. You must be licensed prior to operating on channels 1-7, 15-22 or RP15-22, which comprise the GMRS channels of the MXT500.

Serious penalties may result from unlicensed use of GMRS channels, in violation of FCC rules, as stipulated in the Communications Act’s Sections 501 and 502 (amended). You will be issued a call sign by the FCC that should be used for station identification when operating your radio on GMRS channels.

You should also cooperate by engaging in permissible transmissions only, avoiding channel interference with other GMRS users, and being prudent with the length of your transmission time. To obtain a license or ask questions about the license application, contact the FCC at 1-888-CALL FCC or go to the FCC’s website:

http://www.fcc.gov and request form 605.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference

Exposure To Radio Frequency Energy

•    Your Midland radio is designed to comply with the following national and international standards and guidelines regarding exposure of human beings to radio frequency electromagnetic energy:

•    United States Federal Communications Commission, Code of Federal Regulations: 47 CFR part 2 sub-part J

•    American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Institute of Electrical & lectronics Engineers (IEEE) C95. 1-1992

•    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) C95. 1-1999 Edition

•    National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) of the United States, Report 86, 1986

•    International Commission on Non-lonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 1998

•    To control your exposure and ensure compliance with the general population or uncontrolled environment exposure limits, transmit no more than 50% of the time. The radio generates measurable RF energy exposure only when transmitting. The consumer must maintain a minimum safe separation distance of 32 inches (80 cm) from the antenna when transmitting.

Repeater Channels

The MXT500 can talk to GMRS repeaters, which can greatly increase radio range. You can enable and disable the repeater channels on the MXT500. There are 8 repeater channels.

NOTE: Be sure to be aware of the local sharing and usage policies set forth by the owner and operator of the repeater.

1.    Press the MENU button to enter the menu. Use the CHANNEL/MENU SELECTION knob to navigate to menu setting #12 – REP.

2.    To enable or disable repeater channels, press the CHANNEL/MENU SELECTION knob. Use the CHANNEL/MENU SELECTION knob to hoose between ON or OFF. Press the CHANNEL/MENU SELECTION knob to confirm your selection.

•    Once repeater channels are enabled, they will be available in the channel list (see SELECTING AN ACTIVE CHANNEL). They will be displayed as RP 15 – RP 22.

•    When using a repeater channel, a + will appear on the LCD to indicate the repeater offset direction.

3.    Press the menu button to exit the repeater channel settings.

USB-C Programming Function

The MXT500 had a built in USB-C charging port that allows you to quickly charge other devices. It may also be used as a programming port for updates. However, when the USB port programming function is ON it may interfere with some charging protocols.

IMPORTANT! When using the MXT500 the USB-C port for charging the USB programming function should be set to OFF. Only when the radio needs to be programmed through the USB-C port, should the USB programming function be set to ON.

IMPORTANT! When the USB-C programming function is set to OFF, the USB-C port is still a functional charging port for your devices.


Channels: 15 GMRS Channels and 8 Repeater Channels
Privacy Codes: 38 CTCSS; 104 DCS
Operating Frequency: UHF; 462.5500 ~ 462.725 MHz
Repeater Frequency: UHF; 462.5625 ~ 467.725 MHz
Power Source: 13.8 VDC Nominal


Midland MXT500


Ch. Number TX Freq. (MHz) RX Freq. MHz)
15RP 467.5500 462.5500
16RP 467.5750 462.5750
17RP 467.6000 462.6000
18RP 467.6250 462.6250
19RP 467.6500 462.6500
20RP 467.6750 462.6750
21RP 467.7000 462.7000
22RP 467.7250 462.7250

Midland MXT500 Inside View

Download Midland MXT500 User Manual

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