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MHS130 Floating Handheld VHF Marine RadioMHS130 Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio

Built with safety in mind! 6 Watt “Boost Key”… ensure max transmit power when necessary. Simple UI with soft keys and easily selectable menus and water activated strobe easily seen in the water.


  • Design (Hardware and Software)
  • Soft Key Operation and Menus
  • Largest LCD in Class (30mm(w) x 40mm(h)
  • Paper White Backlight for Day Time, Red Backlight for Night Time (automatic)
  • Speaker Vibrating Tone (clears water from speaker cavity)
  • Lion battery 1850 mAh
  • FM Radio Band Receiver
  • NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert
  • Speaker / Microphone Jack, (optional SM81)
  • 1/2.5/6 Watt Transmit
  • Floating / Submersible IPX8/JIS8
  • Emergency Strobe light with Flash Light, Water Activated Emergency Strobe Light
  • AC charger, DC charger and Charging cradle and AAA Battery accessory tray
  • Flashlight and SOS
  • Dual Backlight
  • Paper White for Day
  • Amber for Night
  • Floats with screen Up (VERIFY)
  • Speaker Vibrating tone, to clear the cavity if submerged.
  • Removable antenna
  • Can be attached to Shakespeare INFL8 emergency antenna
  • Largest battery in class, 1850 mAH… back up battery tray

FCC Certification

Client Information

Applicant: Uniden America Corporation
Address: United States
Manufacturer: Auctus Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Product Description

Name of EUT: MHS130 Handheld Marine Radio
Trade mark: Uniden
Model/Type reference: MHS130
Accessories Belt Clip
Device Category: Portable
RF Exposure Environment: Occupational/Controlled
Power supply: DC 7.4V (Lithium Battery)
DC 7.5V (5*AAA Battery)
Hardware version: V1.5
Software version: V1.09
Device Dimension: Overall (Length x Width x Thickness):145 x 64 x 47mm

Maximum SAR Value

Separation Distance: Front-of-face: 25mm
Body-worn: 0mm
Maximun SAR Value(1g): Front-of-face: 1.275 W/kg
Body-worn: 2.080 W/kg


Radio Specification Description

Operation Frequency Range: 156.025MHz~157.425MHz
Rated Output Power:

Lithium Battery:

·          High Power: 6W

·          Mid Power: 2.5W

·          Low Power: 1W

5*AAA Battery:

·          High Power: 2.5W

·          Low Power: 1W

Modulation Type: Analog: FM
Channel Bandwidth: Analog: 25kHz
Antenna Type: Omni-antenna

Price: $129,99

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