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DMR Digital Transceiver

Product Designation: DMR Digital Transceiver
Brand Name: TYT
Test Model MD-680D
Serial Model MD-680
Difference Description All the same except the brand name and model name.
Date of Test: Sept 10, 2019 ~ Oct. 16, 2019


The EUT is a DMR Digital Transceiver designed for voice/data communication. It is designed by way of utilizing the FM/4FSK modulation achieves the system operating.

A major technical description of EUT is described as following:

Communication Type Voice / Data
Hardware Version MD359S
Software Version 1.00
Modulation FM/4FSK
Emission Type 7K60F1D/7K60F1E/11K0F3E
Emission Bandwidth Analog:10.268 KHz (10W-12.5 KHz), 10.283 KHz (4W-12.5 KHz)
Digital: 9.874 KHz (10W-12.5KHz), 9.898 KHz (4W-12.5KHz)
Peak Frequency Deviation 1.79KHz
Audio Frequency Response 11.46dB
Maximum Transmitter
Analog: 39.82dBm (10W-12.5 KHz), 35.91dBm (4W-12.5 KHz)
Digital: 39.62dBm (10W-12.5KHz), 35.83dBm (4W-12.5KHz)
Output power Modification


(It was fixed by the manufacturer, any individual can’t arbitrarily change it.)

Data Rate 9600bps/12.5KHz(Channel Spacing)
Antenna Designation Detachable
Antenna Gain 1.5dBi
Power Supply DC 7.4V, 2200mAh (by battery) charging for DC 8.4V
Limiting Voltage DC 6.29V-8.51V
Frequency Range:400 MHz to 480 MHz (UHF)
Channel Separation: 12.5KHz(Digital/ Analog)
Operation Frequency
Range and Channel

·         Bottom Channel: 400.025MHz

·         Middle Channel: 453.225MHz

·         Middle Channel: 454.025MHz

·         High Channel: 479.975MHz

Frequency Tolerance 1.188ppm


Frequency Range
Rated Transmit
Transmit Mode/Emission Designator
400-480 10W/4W 11K0F3E(Analog Vioce;NB)
400-480 10W/4W 7K60FXD/7K60FXW(9600Data/Digital Voice NB )


Channel No.
Channel No.
12.5KHz Channel Spaced 400MHz Band
1 1-2 400.025
3 3-4 440.025
5 5-6 479.975

TYT Electronics Co., Ltd.

Oct. 22, 2019

Authorization and Evaluation Division

Subject: Extended Frequencies Justification for Certification of Transmitter with TYT MD-680D

Dear Sir/Madam,

This transmitter was designed to operate in following frequency ranges: 400-480MHz

To aid equipment authorization in other countries which accept the United States FCC Grant for Certification, TYT Electronics Co., Ltd. is requesting that the FCC lists the frequencies 400-480MHz, under FCC Rule Parts 22 and 90 on the FCC Grant.

TYT Electronics Co., Ltd. attests that the Is Digital Radio will not be marketed to USA users with the frequency band which is not allowed by the rule part 22 and 90. Per the FCC’s KDB634817 guidance, as an alternative to listing the exact frequencies, we acknowledge that it’s a violation of the FCC Rules if this device operates on unauthorized frequencies.

Frequency Range (MHz) FCC Rule Part
400-406MHz For Federal
406.1-450MHz FCC Part 90
450-454MHz FCC Part 90
454-455MHz FCC Part 22
456-460MHz FCC Part 22/ FCC Part 90
460-462.5375MHz FCC Part 90
462.7375-467.5375MHz FCC Part 90
467.7375-470MHz FCC Part 90
470-480MHz FCC Part 90

This equipment meets the requirements of the FCC Rules, Parts 90.203(e) and (g), as applicable.

Programming software of this products could ONLY program the Call ID, PTT ID,encryption, 2-Tone, 5-Tone, Scrambler, contacts these kinds of function that will not influence on transmit and power.

The operator can’t program transmit frequencies using the equipment’s external operation controls.

This is to certify that the requirements of 47 CFR Part 90.203(j)(4) and (5) spectrum efficiency are met by the Is Digital Radio as demonstrated by the tests conducted on the sample radio provided.

Inside View

Download User Manual

MD-680D User Manual

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