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TYT MD-430

FCC Part 90& Part 22 Rules
Test Report

DMR Digital Transceiver
Model No.: MD-430, MD-558, MD-668


Product description: DMR Digital Transceiver

Brand Name: TYT

Mode Name: MD-430

Serial Name: MD-558, MD-668

Difference Description: All the same except the mode name and appearance.

Standards: FCC Part 90& Part 22 Rules

Date of Test

  • Date (s) of performance of tests: Dec.  27,  2018~Mar.   05,  2019
  • Date of Issue:  Mar.  05,   2019
  • Test Result: Pass


The EUT is a DMR Digital Transceiver designed for voice/data communication. It is designed by way of utilizing the FM/4FSK modulation achieves the system operating.

A major technical description of EUT is described as following:

Communication Type Voice / Data
Hardware Version MD430-MB-V1.4
Software Version V1.15
Modulation FM/4FSK
Emission Type 7K60FXD/7K60FXE/11K0F3E
Emission Bandwidth Analog:10.173KHz(2W-12.5 KHz), 10.203KHz(1W-12.5 KHz) —UHF
Digital: 8.976KHz(2W), 9.127KHz(1W) —UHF
Peak Frequency Deviation 2.76 KHz
Audio Frequency Response 11.27dB
Maximum Transmitter
Analog:32.57 dBm(2W-12.5 KHz), 29.63dBm (1W-12.5 KHz) —UHF
Digital: 32.47 dBm(2W), 29.36dBm (1W) —UHF
Output power Modification


(It was fixed by the manufacturer, any individual can’t arbitrarily change it.)

Data Rate 9600bps/12.5KHz(Channel Spacing)
Antenna Designation Inseparable
Antenna Gain 1.2 dBi
Power Supply DC 3.7V, 2600mAh (by battery) charging: DC 4.2V 450mA
Adapter Parameter INPUT: AC 100V-240V , 50/60Hz , 0.1A
OUTPUT: DC 5.5V , 500mA
Limiting Voltage DC 3V-4.26V
Operation Frequency
Range and Channel
Frequency Range: 400 MHz to 470 MHz (UHF)
Channel Separation: 12.5KHz(Digital/ Analog)
Bottom Channel: 400.025MHz
Middle Channel: 453.225MHz
Middle Channel: 454.025MHz
Top Channel: 469.975MHz
Frequency Tolerance 1.097ppm


Frequency Range
Rated Transmit
Transmit Mode/Emission Designator
400-470 1W/2W 11K0F3E(Analog Vioce;NB)
400-470 1W/2W 7K60FXD/7K60FXW(9600Data/Digital Voice NB )


Channel No. Channel No. 12.5KHz Channel Spaced 400MHz Band
(6.25KHz) (12.5KHz) Plan(MHz)
1 1-2 400.025
3 3-4 440.025
5 5-6 469.975


FCC Rules and Regulations Part 2.202: Necessary Bandwidth and Emission Bandwidth
Voice -FM Analog (12.5KHz)


Max modulation (M) in kHz : 3.0
Max deviation(D) in kHz:2.5
Constant factor (K): 1(assumed)

Bn= 2XM +2XDK=11.0 KHz
Emission designator: 11K0F3E
9600 Digital Vioce/date (12.5KHz)


Data rate in bps(R)=9600

Deviation Peak deviation of carrier(D)=2359.585

Constant factor (K): 1 (default)

Bn= 3.86D+1.27RK= 3.86(2359.585)+0.27(9600)(1)=11.7KHz
Emission designator: 11K0FXD

TYT MD-430

small size Compatible with MOTOTRBO DMR two way radio dual time slot

  • Frequency band: UHF:400-470MHz
  • Complying with digital protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1, -2, -3
  • Compatible with Mototrbo Tier l& II
  • DTMF decoding and encoding
  • Private call, group call, all call in digital mode.
  • Operate in both Digital & Analogue mode,
  • allows easily migrate from analog to digital.
  • Provide clearer voice communications in digital mode, throughout the coverage area.

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