KD-200UV FCC Certification

| noviembre 6, 2018

KD-200UV FCC Certification

  • Product description:    Mini dual band mobile radio
  • Brand Name:    KYDERA
  • Mode Name:    KD-200UV
  • Standards:    FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15B


The EUT is a Mini dual band mobile radio designed for voice communication. It is designed by way of utilizing the FM modulation achieves the system operating.

A major technical description of eUt is described as following:

Communication Type Voice / Tone only
Modulation FM
RX Frequency Range 136 MHz -174 MHz & 400 MHz -480MHz
Emission Type F3E
DC Power Cable Length 2m
Antenna Designation Detachable
Antenna Gain 0dBi
Power Supply DC 13.8V
Antenna Cable Length 2m

I/O Port Information

I/O Port of EUT
I/O Port Type QTY Cable
DC Input Port 1 2.0m, Unshielded
Antenna Connect Port 1 0
Hand-Operated Microphone Connect Port 1 1.0 m, Unshielded

Declaration of compliance to the requirements of §15.121

We declare that, this scanning receiver is incapable of operating (tuning), or readily being altered by the users to operate, within the frequency bands allocated to the Cellular Radiotelephone Service in part 22 of this chapter (cellular telephone bands).

This device will not be able to receive transmissions in the cellular telephone bands by means of clipping the leads of, or installing, a simple component such as a diode, resistor or jumper wire; replacing a plug-in semiconductor chip; or programming a semiconductor chip using special access codes or an external device, such as a personal computer.

This device is also incapable of converting digital cellular communication transmissions to analog voice audio.

This device is designed so that the tuning, control and filtering circuitry is inaccessible.

Any attempts to modify the equipment to receive transmissions from the Cellular Radiotelephone Service will render the receiver inoperable.

This scanning receiver rejects any signals from the Cellular Radiotelephone Service frequency bands that are 38 dB or lower based upon a 12 dB SINAD measurement.

We are aware that the modification of this device to receive transmissions from Cellular Radiotelephone Service frequency bands will be considered to constitute manufacture of such equipment. This includes any individual, individuals, entity or organization that modifies one or more scanners. Any modification to receive transmissions from the Cellular Radiotelephone Service frequency bands voids the certification of the scanning receiver, regardless of the date of manufacture of the original unit.



Model KD-200UV
Frequency Range Rx: 136-174MHz /400-480MHz
Tx: 144-148M Hz /420-450MHZ
Channel Spacing 12.5/25 KHz
Battery Voltage 13.8V ± 10%
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Operating Temperature -20C-+55C
Frequency Stability ± 2.5PPM
Dimensions 121.5X65.5X42.5mm

Compatible With American Military Standard(MIL-STD-810C/D/E)


RF Power Output 20W
Modulation Type F3E
Maximum Deviation £ ± 5.0KHz(Wide)/£ ± 2.5KHz (Narrow)
Spurious Emission £ 65dB Below Carrier
Modulation Distortion £ 5%(300-3000Hz)
FM Noise £ —42dB (Wide)/S -38dB (Narrow)


IFs 49.950MHz &450KHZ
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) 0.2p V (Wide)/0.25M V (Narrow)
Squelch Selectivity 0.15p V(Wide)/0.2M V (Narrow)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity a 70dB (Wide) 65dB (Narrow)
Intermodulation & 70dB
Spurious Rejection a 65dB
Image Rejection a 70dB
FM Ham And Noise £ —45dB (Widey£ -40dB (Narrow)
Modulation Type 16KOF3E/11KOF3E
Operating Bandwidth £ ± 7KHz/£ ± 5KHz
AF Output @ 4 Ohms a 2W(8Q,5% distorition)
Audio Distortion £ 5%


kydera KD-200UV user manual

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