Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

| febrero 2, 2019

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Inrico TM- 7 Plus User manual

Instructions before use:

•    Do not use the mobile radio or charge the battery in the explosive environments (such as gas, dust, steam,etc.);

•    In the gas or parking on the gas stationplease turn off the mobile radio; The machine can not be modified or adjusted for any reason;

•    Please don’t let the mobile radio stand in sunlight directly for a long time, or put it nearby the heating appliances;

•    Do not place mobile radio in extremely dusty, moistureand water splashing places, and do not put in uneven surface.

•    Maintenance can only be carried out by professional and technical personnel, Please do not disassemble by oneself.

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Basic functions:

First boot:

Make sure the power is plugged in. Boot: press and hold the button until the screen appears on the screen. Some SIM cards will have pin code protection. If there is an input pin code prompt, please input your PIN code.The initial password of PIN code is 1234.


GSM/GPRS/Edge: B2/B3/B5/B8 WCDMA/HSPA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B17

Unlock the screen

Press the hang button to lock the screen, and then click the buttonagain to wake up the screen.

System prompt bar

The way to open the prompt bar: press on the top of the screen, grabbedthe pop-up drop-down box drag down to open the prompt bar.The system prompt bar displays the currently opening applications.Click on the running list bar can quickly switch to the corresponding application.

Friendly note: You can’t dial the phone when you open the flight mode. In addition, the system prompt column displays the current notifications of the system(the unread text messages,etc.),and running applications. Click this icon [^J can view icon list.Click it can quickly open the corresponding function. Personalization long pressin the blank space of the main screen can access to personalized settings interface. you can set wallpaper, add widgets, and set the system.

Move or delete Icon

Long press the menu in the screen or widget icon,the corresponding icon can be moved or deleted.

Factory Reset

Select «backup & reset» in the settings menu,and then the factory settings can be restored.

Warning: restore the factory settings will reset the phone to its initial factory status, that means clean the system, application data and settings, including downloaded applications.



Click into the message interface, it will display the list of message received, you can edit, send, and delete message.


It allows you to access your calendar and eventsat any time. You can view the calendar respectively, You can also view several calendars at the same time. Go to the top of calendar to option that thecalendar viewed by day, week, or by month. Open the week (month) toview, the calendar will be displayed by week (month) way. It’s more convenient for you to look at calendar and new items.


Enterthemenu to personalize the mobile radio according to the need. Including wireless and network,contextual model, display, storage, battery, application, location information, security, and language and typewriting, backup and reset, add account, date and time, the auxiliary function, print, developer options, about mobile phones, etc.

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

Inrico TM-7 plus User Manual

security information:

Before using the equipment, please read and follow the precautions as below, to ensure the best performance of equipment, and avoid dangerous or illegal situations.

Electronic equipment.

Where there are civilized regulations prohibiting the use of wireless devices, please do not use the equipment, otherwise it will interfere with other electronic devices or lead to other dangers.

The flammable and explosive area.

In the gas station (maintenancestation) or near flammable and explosive materials, chemicals and any other explosive areas, please do not use the equipment, equipment may cause fire or explosion. Operating environment

•    Please do not use equipment in dusty, humid, air dirty or near the magnetic field, so as to avoid internal circuit fault.

•    Please do not use the equipment in thunderstorm weather, thunderstorm weather may cause equipment failure or electric shock risk

•    Do not place the equipment in sunlight directly for a long time .

•    Please avoid equipment and accessories rain ormoisture, otherwise it may lead to the risk of fire or electric shock

•    Don’t put the equipment near the heat source or the exposed fire source, such as electric heater, microwave oven, oven, water heater, fire furnace,candle or other places where high temperature may occur.

Accessories requirements

•    Do not use an unapproved or incompatible power source, charger or battery, which may cause fire, explosion, or other hazards.

•    Please only use the accessories approved by the equipment manufacturer and equipped with this equipment. if using other types of accessories, and it will occur accidental damage to the equipment, Also violate warranty clause of the equipment.

Maintenance Service:

•    Before cleaning and maintaining the equipment, Firstly ,stop using the equipment, turn off the power supply, and disconnect all the connections on other equipment.

•    When you do not use the mobile radio, please cover the socket Jack interface.

When cleaning the dust on the exterior of the truck radio, please use neutral detergent (no strong corrosive chemicals) to wipe it.

•    Please keep theequipment and accessories dry . Please do not use the microwave oven or hair dryer and other heating equipments for drying on it.

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