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Icom IP730D Hybrid Handheld IP Radio for Local & Nationwide Communications

The IP730D series can receive both communications from an LTE radio group and IDAS™ (or analog) group at a time (audio mixed). You can press either the main PTT for LTE or the sub PTT button for IDAS™ or analog channel to answer in accordance with pre-programming. If necessary, you can press the main and sub PTT buttons to address two groups at the same time.

  • LTE + VHF IP730D
  • LTE + UHF IP740D

FCC Parts 2, 22, 74, 90 (Subpart I) RSS-119

Icom IP730D

FCCID: AFJ417900 IC ID: 202D-417900 Test Model: IP730D

Received Date: 10/11/2020

Test Date: 10/11/2020 – 04/28/2021

Issued Date: 04/28/2021

Applicant: Icom Inc.

Address: 1-1-32 Kamiminami Hirano-ku, Osaka Japan 547-0003, Japan Manufacturer: Icom Inc.

Product Two Way Radio
Model No. IP730D
Power Supply Rating (Maximun) 7.5Vdc/ 1.8A
Power Supply Rating (Receive)

Receive stan-by 300mA

Receive max audio 520 mA (INT SP)

Modulation Type
  • Land Mobile :Analog, 4FSK
Operating Frequency

BT-BDR/EDR/LE : 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz

Cellular :


  • BAND 2 1850 MHz-1910 MHz
  • BAND 5 824 MHz-849 MHz


  • BAND 2 1850 MHz- 1910 MHz
  • BAND 4 1710 MHz- 1755 MHz
  • BAND 12 699 MHz- 712 MHz

Land Mobile :

  • 136 MHz- 174 MHz
BT/ LE: PCB Antenna, -1.5dBi
Cellular (WCDMA/ LTE): Chip Antenna WCDMA Band 2/ 4: 2.6dBi, Band 5: 1 dBi LTE Band 12: 1.3 dBi
Land Mobile: Monopole Antenna
VHF Antennas Gain
Antenna Info FA-SC25V 136-150 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -2.5 dBi
FA-SC28V 148-162 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -2.4 dBi
FA-SC29V 160-174 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -2.5 dBi
FA-SC55V 150-174 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -4.5 dBi
VHF Stubby Antennas
FA-SC27VS 142-150 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -11.5 dBi
FA-SC56VS 150-162 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -17.1 dBi
FA-SC57VS 160-174 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna -17.3 dBi
VHF Cut Antennas
FA-SC61VC 136-174 MHz 1/4 herical whip antenna
Temperature Operating Range -20 °C ~ 55 °C
I/O Ports Refer to user’s manual
Optional Accessories Description Part Number
Battery A Li-Ion, 3350 mAh BP-303
Battery B Li-Ion, 2010 mAh BP-302
Battery C 5 AA Battery Case BP-305
Antenna A 136 – 150 MHz FA-SC25V
Antenna B 136 – 144 MHz FA-SC-26VS
Antenna C 142 – 150 MHz FA-SC27VS
Antenna D 148 – 162 MHz FA-SC28V
Antenna E 160 – 174 MHz FA-SC29V
Antenna F 150 – 174 MHz FA-SC55V
Antenna G 150 – 162 MHz FA-SC56VS
Antenna H 160 – 174 MHz FA-SC57VS
Antenna I 136 – 174 MHz FA-SC61VC
Audio Accessory A Tie Clip Microphone HM-163MC
Audio Accessory B Speaker Microphone HM-184
Audio Accessory C Speaker Microphone HM-222H
Audio Accessory D Speaker Microphone HM-236
Audio Accessory E Tie Clip Microphone with Sub PTT Button HM-238MC
Audio Accessory F Speaker Microphone HM-222
Audio Accessory G Earphone Adapter AD-135
Audio Accessory H Earphone SP-16BW
Audio Accessory I Tube Earphone SP-26
Audio Accessory J Tube Earphone SP-27
Audio Accessory K Earhook Earphone SP-28
Audio Accessory L Earhook Earphone SP-29
Audio Accessory M Earphone SP-40
Audio Accessory N Earhook Type Headset HS-94
Audio Accessory O Neck Arm Type Headset HS-95
Audio Accessory P Headset with Throat Microphone HS-97
Audio Accessory Q Bluetooth Headset VS-3
Audio Accessory R PTT Switch Cable VS-5MC
Audio Accessory S PTT Switch Cable VS-4MC
Audio Accessory T External Speaker Microphone HM-184H
Audio Accessory U Earphone Adapter AD-135
Audio Accessory V External Speaker Microphone HM-245T
Body Worn Accessory A Belt Clip MB-133
Body Worn Accessory B Belt Clip MB-136
Body Worn Accessory C Belt Hanger MB-96F
Body Worn Accessory D Belt Hanger MB-96FL
Body Worn Accessory E Belt Hanger MB-96N
Body Worn Accessory F Shoulder Strap MB-57L
Body Worn Accessory G Carrying Case LC-195
Emission Designation*: Analog :11K0F3E/ Digital : 4K00F1D, 4K00F1E

Note* :


Emission Designator 11K0F3E

In this case, the maximum modulating frequency is 3.0 kHz with a 2.5 kHz deviation. BW = 2(M+D) = 2*(3.0 kHz + 2.5 kHz) = 11 kHz = 11K0

F3E portion of the designator represents an FM voice transmission

Therefore, the entire designator for 12.5 kHz channel spacing FM mode is 11K0F3E.

Bandwidth: 11.0 kHz

Modulation Type: [F] Angle-modulated, straight FM Modulation Nature: [3] Single analog channel Information Type: [E] Telephony, voice, sound broadcastin


4K00F1D–Bandwidth: 4.00 kHz

Modulation Type: [F] Angle-modulated, straight FM Modulation Nature: [1] Digital, on-off or quantized, no modulation Information Type: [D] Data, telemetry, telecommand

Emissions Designator Notes: 4K00F1D 6.25 kHz data NXDN (Narrow IDAS, NEXEDGE)

Radio Reference Identified Designator: 4K00F1D NXDN 6.25 kHz data (IDAS, NEXEDGE)

4K00F1E–Bandwidth: 4.00 kHz

Modulation Type: [F] Angle-modulated, straight FM Modulation Nature: [1] Digital, on-off or quantized, no modulation Information Type: [E] Telephony, voice, sound broadcasting

Emissions Designator Notes: 4K00F1E 6.25 kHz voice NXDN (Narrow IDAS, NEXEDGE )

Radio Reference Identified Designator: 4K00F1E NXDN 6.25 kHz digital voice (IDAS, NEXEDGE


1. The above EUT information was declared by manufacturer and for more detailed features description, please refers to the manufacturer’s specifications or User’s Manual.

Power Setting

Freq. (MHz) Power Setting
136.025 High Power Default
Low Power Default
173.975 High Power Default
Low Power Default
155.025 High Power Default
Low Power Default


For Transmit Power level:

The high rated power level is 5W, and low rated power level is 1W. (Limit: <6W for high power level, < 1.2W for low power level), to change the power output level please reference the user’s menual.

For Change Transmit Channel:

Please reference the user’s menual.

The EUT is a Land Mobile Service product, according to the specifications of the manufacturers; it must comply with the requirements of the following standards:

All tests and measurements indicated in this document were performed in accordance with the Code of federal Regulations Title 47 Part 2, Sub-part J as well as the following individual parts:

Part 22 – Public Mobile Service

Part 74 – Experimental Radio, Auxiliary, Special Broadcast and other Program Distributonal Service. Part 90 – Private Land Mobile Radio Service Applicable Standards: TIA 603-D

All test items have been performed and recorded as per the above standards.

Icom IP730D Resources


INSTRUCTIONS (Boxed with the transceiver)


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