Icom IC-R30

| octubre 16, 2020

Icom IC-R30

Icom IC-R30 Firmware Update

Icom Co., Ltd. released the new firmware Version 1.11


Firmware IC-R30 Version 1.11 for USA version  – 2020.10.16


Major changes

This firmware is for the USA version that has a serial number beginning with «16».

Changes from version 1.10

・Fixed the problem of when the ANL of the band that is not used is ON, while the Dualwatch function is OFF, the received DCR audio may not be output from the speaker.


To update the firmware

Thoroughly read Section 2 microSD CARD and Section 9 UPDATING THE FIRMWARE in the ADVANCED MANUAL, and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-R30.
BE SURE to make a backup copy of your data settings before updating the firmware.

The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
CPU to Version 1.11
DSP to Version 1.03

File Size 1.87MB


Icom IC-R30 Firmware Download


This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


Icom IC-R30

Icom Inc.

Date: April 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern

Subject:    Scanning Receiver Statement

Applicant:    Icom Incorporated

Product:    Scanning Receiver

Model:    IC-R30

The equipment under application herein incorporates a scanning receiver. Accordingly, § 15.121 of the Commission’s rules applies.

The equipment under application herein is incapable of operating (tuning), or being readily altered by the user to operate within the frequency bands allocated to the Domestic Public cellular Radio Telecommunications Service (“Cellular Radio Service”).

The equipment is also incapable of converting digital cellular transmissions to analog voice audio.

The receiver portion of the equipment under application herein scans 0.10-823.995, 851.000-866.995, 896.000-1309.995MHz, the receiver does not scan the bands used by the Cellular Radio Service, 824-849 and 869-894MHz.

The receiver portion of the equipment under application cannot be altered to enable it to scan the Cellular Radio Service bands by means of clipping the leads of or installing a diode, resistor and/or jumper wire, or other such simple component. Nor can the receiver be made to scan the Cellular Radio Service bans by replacing a plug-in semiconductor chip, since no such plug-in chips are utilized. The semiconductor chips that are utilized in the equipment cannot be erased and reprogrammed.

The radio design of the tuning, control and filtering circuitry on the receiver is controlled by the serial data from the firmware code in the microprocessor, which is built-in by the microprocessor manufacture as a part of the internal design of the processor.

Since the processor information is inaccessible to the user (Even Icom peoples), if someone attempt modifying circuitry without the knowledge of the firmware code, the radio simply will fail to operate.

In view of the above, the equipment complies with § 15.121 of the Commission rules.


Icom Incorporated

Atsushi Tomiyama

General Manager of Quality Assurance Department

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