Icom IC-705

| agosto 7, 2020

Icom IC-705 Has Been Certified by American FCC

Icom IC-705 Test Report

  • Prepared for: Icom America, Inc.
  • Model: IC-705
  • Description: HF/50/144/430 MHz all mode transceiver
  • Serial Number: 00000331
  • FCC ID: AFJ407500
  • IC: 202D-407500


FCC Part 15.121 And

IC RSS-215 Issue 2 (June 2009)

Date of Issue: July 21, 2020
The applicant has been cautioned as to the following

15.21 – Information to user

The user’s manual or instruction manual for an intentional radiator shall caution the user that changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

15.27(a) – Special Accessories

Equipment marketed to a consumer must be capable of complying with the necessary regulations in the configuration in which the equipment is marketed. Where special accessories such as shielded cables and/or special connectors are required to enable an unintentional or intentional radiator to comply with the emission limits in the part, the equipment must be marketed with, i.e. shipped and sold with, those special accessories. However, in lieu of shipping or packaging the special accessories with the unintentional or intentional radiator, the responsible party may employ other methods of ensuring that the special accessories are provided to the consumer without an additional charge.

Information detailing any alternative method used to supply the special accessories for a grant of equipment authorization or retained in the verification records, as appropriate. The party responsible for the equipment, as detailed in §2.909 of this chapter, shall ensure that these special accessories are provided with the equipment. The instruction manual for such devices shall include appropriate instructions on the first page of text concerned with the installation of the device that these special accessories must be used with the device. It is the responsibility of the user to use the needed special accessories supplied with the equipment.

Icom IC-705

EUT Description Model: IC-705

Description: HF/50/144/430 MHz all mode transceiver

Firmware: 1.06

Software: RS-BA1 version 2

Serial Number: 00000331

Additional Information:

Device under test is an amateur radio that operates in a variety of bands in D-STAR DV, SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. The IC-705 receives continuously from the medium wave broadcast band to 144 MHz band. It also utilizes FM broadcast and air band reception.

Its receive frequency range is : 0.030-470.000 MHz

The transceiver is used for amateur radio service per Part 97 and is exempt from FCC certification.

As stated at one of the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) websites for Part 97, the FCC (OET) equipment authorization program does not generally apply to amateur radio service station transmitters.

The scanning receiver was tested to comply with part 47 CFR 15.109, 15.111, and 15.121.

This scanning receiver upper operating range is up to 174 MHz, and is not capable of scanning in the Part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone Service band per 15.121(a)(1). Therefor this scanning receiver meets the requirements of section 15.121 (b) by design since it cannot receive any signals above 470 MHz.

EUT Operation during Tests

Unit is powered with 13.8 VDC external power supply. Unit contains a Bluetooth, WIFI and GPS radios. Bluetooth and WIFI radios are put on off mode and GPS position Fix is on manual.

The external BNC antenna port is terminated in 50 Ohms load with microphone speaker attached for radiated and connected to spectrum analyzer for conducted emissions testing.

Qty Description Manufacturer Model S/N
1 Speaker-microphone ICOM HM-243 N/A
1 Li-ion battery pack ICOM BP-272 N/A
Qty Description





Shielded Hood nY/N Termination
1 Speaker Cable <1 N N Speaker

Test Results Summary





Test Name Pass, Fail, N/A Comments



RSS 215 5.1 RSS Gen 7.4 Conducted Spurious Emissions Pass
15.109 RSS 215 5.1 RSS Gen 7.3 Radiated Spurious Emissions Pass
15.107 RSS Gen 7.2 AC Powerline Conducted Emissions Pass
15.121(b) NA Rejection N/A EUT is not capable of operating in the Part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone band


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