IC-9700 Firmware Update

| abril 19, 2019

IC-9700 Firmware

Version 1.06
Update: 2019/04/19

Changes from Version 1.05

  • Improved accuracy of the automatic reference frequency calibration.
  • Fixed unintended indication on the DR screen.
  • Eliminated RX audio gap when changing the IF filter in the DV mode.

To update the firmware

  • follow the instructions displayed on the IC-9700 LCD screen.
  • Making a backup file of programmed contents and settings onto the SD card before updating the firmware is recommended.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    Main CPU: 1.06
    Sub CPU: 1.00
    Front CPU: 1.00
    FPGA Program: 1.03
    FPGA Data: 1.00
    DV DSP: 1.02

About updating the firmware

You can update the IC-9700’s firmware using an SD card. Updating the firmware adds new functions and/ or improves performance parameters.

You can download the latest firmware from the Icom website.


IMPORTANT: To update the firmware, first format your SD card using the IC-9700. Then copy the downloaded firmware data from your PC into the IC-9700 folder on the card.

Checking the firmware version

Check the firmware version when you turn ON the transceiver.

IC-9700 Firmware

TIP: You can also check the firmware version on the INFORMATION screen.

IC-9700 Firmware

CAUTION: NEVER turn OFF the transceiver while updating the firmware. If you turn OFF the transceiver, or if a power failure occurs while updating, the transceiver firmware will be damaged and you will have to send the transceiver back to the nearest Icom distributor for repair. This type of repair is out of warranty, even if the transceiver warranty period is still valid.

TIP: BE SURE to unzip the downloaded file. See the previous page for details.

1. Copy the downloaded firmware data into the IC-9700 folder on to an SD card.

2.    Insert the SD card into the transceiver.

3.    Display the SD CARD screen.

[MENU] » |SET > SD Card

4.    Touch “Firmware Update,” and then after you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES].

• Scroll the screen and read all the precautions

IC-9700 Firmware

5. Touch the Firmware (Example: 9700_012345).

IC-9700 Firmware

• The final confirmation screen is displayed.

Carefully read all the displayed precautions.

6. After you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES] for 1 second.

• The updating starts.

IC-9700 Firmware

7. When the update is completed, “Firmware updating has completed.” is displayed in the dialog.

• The IC-9700 will automatically restart.

After the updating finishes, the operating screen is displayed.

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