IC-7300 wide band modification

| marzo 10, 2016

IC-7300 wide band modification

Remove bottom and find the diode matrix (near big chip)

  • Open RX 0.030-74.8Mhz (REMOVE D416)
  • Open TX 0.1-74.8Mhz (REMOVE D422) (D419 is and must be in)

Only Open TX 60Mtr 5.255-5.405Mhz (REMOVE D405)

Icom IC-7300 Wide Band RX and TX modification

modification by PA2DB

IC-7300 mod

icom ic-7300 mars mod

After modification, unlike Yaesu, there is no need to perform a complete reset of the processor. We check whether reception and transmission have appeared on the sites of interest to us.

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