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The following items are included on the CD.

• Full manual (English)

Instructions for full operations, the same as this manual.

• Basic manual (English)

Instructions for basic operations, the same the manual supplied with the transceiver.

• Basic manual

(German, Spanish, French, Italian, and other)

Instructions for basic operations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages. This manual may not be included, depending on the transceiver version.

• Schematic diagram

Includes the schematic and block diagrams.

• HAM radio Terms

A glossary of HAM radio terms.

• Adobe® Reader® Installer

Installer for Adobe® Reader®.

To read the manuals or Schematic diagram, Adobe® Reader® is required. Ifyou have not installed it, please install the Adobe® Reader® on the CD or download it from Adobe Systems Incorporated’s website.

A PC with the following Operating System is required.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista®


IC-7300 Tips for the USB port settings
IC-7300 Firmware Update Information Ver.1.30
IC-7300 Basic Manual (German/Spanish/French/Italian)
IC-7300 Full Manual (English)
IC-7300 Basic Manual (English)
IC-7300 Basic Manual (Portuguese)
USB Driver (Ver.1.30) CS-7100/CS-9100/CS-9700/CS-R8600/IC-7300/RS-BA1/RS-R8600 Installation Guide for Windows 10/8.1/7 USB3.0 Supported

Starting the CD

1. InserttheCDintotheCDdrive.

2. Double click «Menu.exe» on the CD.

• Depending on the PC setting, the menu screen shown below is automatically displayed.

3. Click the desired button to open the file. ®To close the Menu screen, click [Quit].

icom_IC-7300_SUPPLIED_CDDifferenttypes of menu screen may be displayed, depending on the transceiver version.

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