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Standard Horizon GX2400GPS

GX2400GPS Fixed mount MARINE VHF

With NMEA 2000 and Integrated AIS/GPS RECEIVER


  • GX2400GPS: for USA, Asia and Australia
  • GX2400GPS/E: for Europe


  • Integrated dual channel AIS (Automatic Identification System) Receiver Built-in
  • Second Station Capability. Optional wireless RAM4W*1 or wired RAM4 Remote access Microphone
  • NMEA2000and NMEA0183 Compatible
  • Built-in Integrated 66 Channel GPS receiver
  • Noise Canceling function for both Receive and Transmit audio
  • Integrated 32 Code Voice Scrambler and 4 Code Voice Scrambler

*1 Requires Optional Wireless Access Point SCU-30

GX2400GPS Other Features

  • Meets ITU-R M.493-15 Class D (Digital Selective Calling)
  • Separate Receiver for CH70 (Receiving DSC Calls)
  • NMEA0183 Connectivity
  • AIS/AIS SART target display: MMSI, Call Sign, Ship Name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG
  • E20 (Easy to Operate) Icon & Menu System
  • Preset key stores up to 10 favorite channels
  • Intercom Feature between the Radio and an Optional Second Station
  • Programmable Scan, Priority Scan, and Multi Watch
  • DSC position request and report functions
  • GPS Compass, Waypoint and GPS status pages
  • Enter, Save, and Navigate to a waypoint using the Compass page
  • Navigation (lat/lon. Time, SOG and COG) information is shown on display
  • Programmable CPA (Closest Point of Approach) or TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach) collision avoidance alarms
  • Commercial grade receiver (Spurious & Image rejection better than -80dB)
  • 30 Watt PA/Loud Hailerwith programmed fog signals and listen back
  • 4-Code Voice Scrambler (Optional)
  • GM (Group Monitor) Using DSC Group position Calling
  • MOB (Man over Board) Operation
  • Excellent Visibility with Busy LED Indicator
  • Selectable Night Mode Display
  • NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alert

Integrated dual channel AIS (Automatic Identification System) Receiver

The GX2400GPS integrates a dual channel AIS receiver to display real-time AIS vessel information directly on the LCD display. The GX2400GPS allows you to contact an AIS ship directly using DSC function, show your vessels position in relation to AIS targets and alert you when an AIS ship may be approaching too close to your location by CPA/TCPA alarms. «Target list» and «Danger list» display also provide to avoid collision with vessels even in crowded areas, bad weather and night time.

NMEA2000 Compatibility

The integrated NMEA2000 interface supports PGN (Parameter Group Number) Navigation, AIS report, GPS and DSC functions. Simply connect the transceiver to the NMEA2000 network to complement your system with radio and DSC functions.

ITU-R M.493-15 Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling)

The GX2400GPS is capable of DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Class-D operation with its separate Channel 70 receiver, which allows DSC calls to be received even while listening to communications on another channel. When the DSC Distress function is activated, a digital MAYDAY distress message is transmitted, including the vessel MMSI identification,

Nature of Distress and includes accurate Lat and Long position information with accurate date and time helping to facilitate an immediate response. Other DSC Call types supported include Individual, Group, Urgency, Safety, Position Reports and Test Calls.

Integrated 66 channel Internal GPS Receiver

With the internal high-performance 66 channel GPS receiver, SBAS satellites (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/ GAGAN) can be received. The GPS data is available for AIS vessel information, DSC calling, position sharing, waypMicrophone RAM4W SSM-71H - GX2400GPSoint navigation, and navigation to DSC distress calls, all performed with a few simple steps.

Optional RAM4W or RAM4 Microphone for Second Station

The optional RAM4W (Wireless Remote access microphone)*l or RAM4 (Remote access microphone) are capable of controlling most of the radio functions including DSC, therefore it may be used as a second station and an intercom. The RAM4W can be connected via wireless access point SCU-30. And the RAM4 can be located up to 23 feet (7m)*2 away from the transceiver.

*1 Optional SCU-30 wireless access point required *2 Optional CT-100 extension cable required

Noise Canceling for both Transmit and Receive audio

Equipped with the noise cancellation function by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to reduce ambient noise for both transmission and reception, enabling clear communication. In addition, the AF PITCH CONTROL function can be adjusted to the optimum receiving audio level (High/Low frequencies) that is easy to hear according to the noise conditions.

Selectable Display Mode (Night Mode Display)

The display is selectable between DAY mode and NIGHT mode. The NIGHT mode display improves visibility at night by inverting the black and white dots of the display from the DAY mode.

Other Valuable Features

•    AIS/AIS SART target display: MMSI, Call sign, Ship name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG

•    Commercial grade receiver (Spurious & Image rejection better than -80dB)

•    DSC position request and report functions

•    Navigation (LAT/LON, Time SOG and COG) information Shown on Display

•    Compass page, to Enter, Save and Navigate with destination & waypoints

•    NMEA 0183 Connectivity

•    MOB (Man Over Board) Operation

•    Excellent Visibility with Busy LED Indicator

•    Versatile user-Programmable scanning, priority scan, and Dual /Triple Watch

•    30 Watt PA/Loud Hailer with preprogrammed fog signals and listen back

•    Integrated 32 code voice scrambler and 4 code voice scrambler

•    NOAA Weather Alert function (Only available in NOAA service areas)

•    ATIS Mode for European Inland Waterways (GX2400GPS/E only)



Channels All International, USA and Canadian (Depending on the version)
Channel Spacing 25kHz
Frequency Stability ±3ppm -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Emission Type 16K0G3E.16K0G2B
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms
Supply Voltage 13.8VDC ±20%
Current Consumption 0.9A (Receive), 0.55A (Standby) TX:5.0A/1.0A (TX:25W /1W)
Operating Temperature -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Waterproof rating IPX8 (5ft/1,5m for 30 minutes)
Dimensions(WxHxD) 7.1″x3.1″x6.0″ (180x80x152.6 mm)
Flush Mount Dimensions(WxHxD) 6.3″x2.6”x6.2” (161x65x157 mm)
Weight(Approx.) 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)


Frequency Range

Marine band

156.025MHz – 157.425MHz (USA)

156.025MHz-161.600MHz (International)

RF Output Power 25W/1W
Maximum Deviation ±5.0kHz
Spurious Emission -80dBc / -66dBc (TX:25W /1W)


Frequency Range

Marine band

156.050MHz-163.275MHz (For AIS)

161.975MHz(CH A), 162.025MHz(CH B)

Circuit Type Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Sensitivitv(12dB SINAD) 0.30µV, 0.5µV (for AIS)
Spurious and Image Rejection 80dB for Voice (75dB for DSC)
Intermodulation 75dB for Voice (75dB for DSC)
AF Output 4.5W


Receiver Channels 66 Channels
Sensitivity Less than -147dBm
Time to First Fix 1 min typical (@Cold Start)
5 sec typical (@Hot Start)
Geodetic Datum WGS84





Download GX2400GPS GX2400GPS/E Operating Manual

GX2400GPS GX2400GPS/E Operating Manual

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