G90 SDR Transceiver

| diciembre 21, 2018

Xiegu G90 SDR Transceiver

SDR portable HF Transceiver


  • SDR portable HF Transceiver
    built-in auto antenna tuner
    Spectrum image and Waterfall image display
    The display unit and the case can be separated.
    High-performance front-end ESC preselector.

Packing List

G90 case………………………..1
Power cable……………………..1
Data cable………………………1
Comm cable………………………1
Service card…………………….1

Device Description

Xiegu G90 SDR Transceiver

Front panel
G90 SDR Transceiver - xiegu

1. Volume/headphone knob

2. Power
Press and hold this button for 2 seconds to power on.
Press and hold this button for 2 seconds to power off.

3. Automatic knob
Default: 100kHz position step knob
Short press: custom function

4. Large knob
Frequency stepping, setting parameter.

5. Mode switch button

6. Band switching button

Display interface description

G90 SDR Transceiver - xiegu

1. Current operating mode
2. Current VFO select
3. S table / Power table
4. Frequency image
5. Waterfall image
6. AGC state
7. Current external put in voltage value
8. Volume
9. Current operating frequency
10. Other VFO frequency
11. Transmitting standing wave

Tail interface description

Xiegu G90 SDR Transceiver

G90 SDR Transceiver - xiegu

7. ANT
Antenna interface,Type : SL16-K

8. KEY
CW key socket。

Communication port

10. I/Q
Signal output

11. ACC
Data connection port

12. DC interface
External DC power interface


Mic description

Xiegu G90 SDR Transceiver

Interface description

xiegu G90

Operating description

Power on/off

  • Power On:Power off state, keep press power switch 2 sec.
  • Power off:Power on state, keep press power switch 2 sec.

Volume adjustment

Left/right turn the volume knob, increase or decrease the volume.

headset mode switching

In using the built in speaker state, short press the volume knob to switching to headset mode, at the same time it has a icon to display in the screen.

Frequency step carry select

  • 1kHz bit, 10kHz bit: short press main knob, switching carry.
  • 100kHz bit: turning the definition knob to change the current frequency.

Switching operation mode

Short press the MODE “+” / MODE “-“ button on the machine head-top, it will cycle switching mode between USB—LSB—CW—AM.

Switching current operation mode

Short press the BAND “+” / BAND “-“ button, it will cycle switching band between 10 amateur bands

multifunction operation

Press the FUNC button, the function pilot will lit, this time we can enter the second function.

PRE/ATT function

  • Short press PRE button, start up preamplifier.
  • Press hold PRE to turn on the ATT pre-attenuator.

CMP button function.

Short press CMP button,turn on voice compressor.

NB function

  • Short press NB button, open NB function.
  • Short press again, turn off NB function.

AGC function

Short press AGC button, turn on AGC function.

VM function

Short press VM button, switching between VFO mode and channel mode.

MW/MC function

Short press MW/MC button, storing channel

A/B function

Short press A/B button , switching between the VFO-A and VFO- B.

TUNE function

Short press TUNE button, turn on built in auto Antenna tuner.

Press hold, start tuning.

POW function

Short pow button, cooperating self- defining knob, adjusting transmitting power.

KEY function

Short press KEY button, enter the function settings relate to the cw.

LOCK function

Short press LOCK button,locking button.

The machine head and case separation operation instructions.

In power off state, connecting the machine head and case with the cable, then operating the interface of machine head.

Note: In the power-on state, after the machine head is disconnected from the cable, the host will continue to work in the previous working state.

After the host connect the machine head again, wait for about 2 sec,  the machine head can resume communication with the host.


Basic parameter

Receive frequency range: 0.5MHz~29.999999MHz
Transmit frequency range:

  • 8~2.0MHz
  • 5~4.0MHz
  • 0~7.3MHz
  • 1~10.15MHz
  • 0~14.35MHz
  • 068~18.168MHz
  • 0~21.45MHz
  • 89~24.99MHz
  • 0~29.7MHz

Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM

Receive sensitivity:0.25uV @12dB  Sinad  (PRE:ON)

Adjacent channel suppression:60dB


  • SSB 2.4kHz
  • CW 300Hz

Dynamic Range:90dB

Frequency stability:±2ppm(after power on 30 min)

Operating voltage range: 11~16V DC

Standby current: 750mA @ Max

Transmitting voltage::8A @ Max

RF output: 20W

Carrier suppression: ≥40dB

Spurious suppression: ≥50dB

Sideband suppression: ≥55dB

Audio output power: 0.5W@ 4Ω

Temperature range: 0~55

Case size: 120*45*210 mm(non include protrusions; display system and body combination status)

Case quality: about 1.85kg

ATU parameter

Initial tuning time: ≤10s

Reentry tuning time: ≤50ms

Tuned impedance range: 15Ω~250Ω

photos by: 2E0BVJ

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