FX-9A HF transceiver 2017 new version

| febrero 19, 2017

FX-9A HF transceiver 2017 new version

FX-9A has 2017 new version,quality has great improvement.It also update new firmware to fix some bugs. Source code is published.


2017 new version can use USB cable directly (we have provided the USB cable) and don’t need ST-LINK USB adapter.

New package include: FX-9A,Mic,power cord(with fuse),USB cable.

FX-9A Transceiver 9 Band 10W HF LSB/USB/CW


Modes: LSB / USB / CW (iambic keying mode A and B) Supports manual and automatic key, the machine automatically detect, you can also set the menu

Frequency range:  160M / 80M / 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M 9 amateur bands

Output Power:  SSB  15W – CW 10W CW. Low power profile of 5W. (Dependent on DC power level).

  • Receiver sensitivity: about 0.5UV
  • SSB filter bandwidth: 2K
  • CW filter bandwidth: about 200HZ
  • Support VFO A / VFO B, supports CW Automatic Call (programmable own call sign)
  • Support RIT, support CW speed adjustment, support channel and VFO mode
  • Support high VSWR protection, the menu can be set to protect the value of the PA output transistors
  • CW Broadband Narrowband settings
  • Internal speaker
  • Japan COPAL use photoelectric encoder, frequency tuning smooth, fast and accurate
  • Screen using OLED display, even in sunlight can clearly show that the use of temperature -40-80 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: Length: 160 mm x Height: 100 mm x Depth: 48 mm
  • Input voltage: DC 10V to a maximum 15V. Centre pin +. Receiving current consumption of about 360MA, the emission current maximum of about 3A-3.7A



Power:  On/Off – Hold for 3 seconds the display lighting up. This is the self-test function. To turn off, hold again for 3 seconds and the display and the unit will turn off.

M/V:  Memory and VFO switch Push to enter Channel mode – – Rotate Channel knob to set Memory Number Set Frequency and Mode -USB/LSB/CW – – push M/V button again to Save

Mode: LSB/USB/CW (iambic keying mode A and B) Push to change USB/LSB/CW – – Hold button in to engage CW Narrow filter
A/B: VFO A & B switch

Band: Band switch – 160M / 80M / 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M 9 amateur bands. Push to change bands 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/60/80/160 – – Hold button to enter the Menus

Use the CH/Cal know to scroll through each menu line. There are 8 lines of setting. If you then tune the CH/CAL knob once more, you are now in the section to enter your own call sign. To come out of this menu just press the Band button and the unit will return to the main screen

TS/RIT:  Press Fine/Coarse VFO tuning – – Hold for RIT Fine/Coarse VFO tuning – – Hold for RIT

CH/CAL: when in M mode will change memory channels.

Hold button to LOCK radio/VFO settings

Vol/WPM: Press momentarily to go to Low Power mode (L displayed)  – – Hold to set CW speed

CW MODE – straight key or paddle /CALL – Set CW Call Sign – must rotate CH/CALL button to enter this menu

Tuning Knob: Main Frequency tuning


CW KEY – paddle assignment (left/right) CWR BFO – record this setting against accident change!

CW DELAY – CW VOX setting CW Volume – sidetone volume – setting will vary with VOL setting

CW FREQ – Offset and sidetone REF. FREQ. – (press again to skip past Ref. Freq.) record this setting also!

CW MODE – straight key or paddle /CALL – Set CW Call Sign – must rotate CH/CALL button to enter this menu

H-VSWR-P – set SWR rollback protection

Press Band to Save/Exit – You can test new setting but must restart (Pwr Off/On) for changes to be memorized

Menu Settings:

Screenshot of the standard menu with factory settings. Some adjustments can be made to these settings to improve the way the transceiver works to suit your needs.

COM Port:

FX-9A_HF_9_Band_QRP_transceiver-5Serial connection to PC – uses TS-590 Protocols

The rig control using HRD only. The radio uses the TS-590 commands and the speed is 115200.

Any homemade rig cable using USB to serial converter and a 3.5mm connector should work.

The pins are:
Tip – pin 3 TX
Ring – pin 2 RX
Sleeve – pin 5 gnd

The unit can be used for JT65, PSK, RTTY and SSTV, using standard software packages available on line (FREE).

This port is also used for HRD software for PC control.





Ant (BNC): 50Ω antenna connection Key: (iambic keying mode A and B)
Mic: Dynamic Type Power: 3.5mm Power connector
Phones: Headphone socket Com Port: 3.5mm Jack
Phones: Headphone socket  

Internal PCB

To access internal board – take off side covers but DO NOT remove screws on back of case as they hold final transistor heatsinks and transmit board to case.

Be aware of a small black wire on right side which connect control board to receive board, it can be un-clipped easily. If it is unseated, you will not hear receive signals. Gently reseat it.


source code modify at 19-Feb-2017

modify the broadband CW mode LO and BFO frequency settings, to solve the problem of false signal reception.

FX9A-master source code 19-Feb-2017

Buy FX-9A HF transceiver 2017 new version
370USD include shipping cost by DHL

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