FTM-7250DR Mods

| abril 2, 2019

FTM-7250DR Mods

Frequency Range Modification Information

By performing the following procedures, the TX frequencies will be expanded as follows;

  • Original Frequency Range; VHF 144.000-145.995MHz UHF 430.000-439.995MHz
  • Expanded Frequency Range; VHF 137.000-173.995MHz UHF 420.000-469.995MHz

1.    Disconnect the DC-cable.

2.    Remove the DSP-unit.

3. Remove R1656 (0 Ω) near the DSP connector (J1802)

4.    Re-connect the DSP unit.

5.    Connect DC-cable. And supply 13.8V. Then Power ON. The display show 433.000 MHz with automatic RESET.

Download teardown images in high resolution

FTM-7250 teardown images

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