FT3D Mods

| octubre 17, 2019

This Modification is for the YAESU FT-3DR/DE

New TX: 140 – 174 & 420 – 470.

First remove the Battery then the Round rubber water proofing Plug. As shown on image 1, you will see a cero OHm resistor to be Desoldered. I don’t recommend CRUSHING it as you can tear the TRACK ?? DON’T forget about static electricity.

WARNING Do not transmit out of Band unless you are Lisenced for it. ALL Testing was done on a DUMMY LOAD

IF you have a Micro SD CARD With frequencies on it you will not be able to reinstall them FORMAT the card and redo your frequencies it will exept then then. You won’t need to do a full reset it will be done automatically and will be back the factory default settings.

The Yaesu FT3D Extended Tx range modification

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