DR-350 Test

| mayo 29, 2019

DR-350 Test Kydera

FCC Part 90& Part 22 Rules
Test Report



MODEL NAME : DR-350, DR-360, DR-320, DR-330

DATE OF ISSUE : May 27,2019

IEEE Std. 1528: 2013

STANDARD(S) : FCC 47 CFR Part 2§2.1093:2013

IEEE C95.1TM: 2005

Test Report

Product Designation DMR TWO WAY RADIO
Brand Name Kydera
Model Name DR-350, DR-360, DR-320, DR-330
Different Description The main test model is DR-350.

  • 1.  DR-350, DR-360: different speaker shell and button shape.
  • 2.  DR-350, DR-320: speaker shell, screen and buttons are different. DR-350 is the LCD screen and DR-320 is the LED screen; DR-350 has buttons but DR-320 has no buttons.
  • 3.  DR-350, DR-330: speaker shell, screen and buttons are different. DR-350 is the LCD screen and DR-320 is the LED screen; DR-350 has six buttons and DR-330 has three buttons
EUT Voltage DC3.7V
Applicable Standard

IEEE Std. 1528:2013

FCC 47 CFR Part 2§2.1093:2013

IEEE C95.1TM:2005

Test Date May 07,2019

EUT Description

General Information
Test Model DR-350
Hardware Version C70M320-2.0
Software Version 7.8.72
Exposure Category: Occupational/Controlled Exposure
Device Category FM Portable Transceiver
Modulation Type FM &4FSK
TX Frequency Range 400-480MHz
Rated Power

2W/0.5W (It was fixed by the manufacturer, any individual can’t arbitrarily change it)


Max. Average Power Analog:32.55dBm; Digital:32.38dBm
Channel Spacing 12.5 KHz
Antenna Type Inseparable
Antenna Gain 1.7dBi
Body-Worn Accessories: Belt Clip with headset
Face-Head Accessories: None
Battery Type (s) Tested: DC3.7V, 2200mAh (by battery)


Manufactured Description

Main Features:

  • Private call
  • Group call
  • All call
  • Kill
  • Revive
  • Battery save mode
  • One-touch call
  • Call alert
    Records for 200 hours
  • Low power voice/icon prompt
  • Prompt tone on/off
  • Remote monitor
  • Support voice prompt for channel switching or function-option
  • Two programmable buttons for long pressing are available on the side


  • True-2-slot
  • Support both digital and analog modes.
  • Built-in antenna
  • Type-C USB charger
  • Support up to 4000 channels.
  • Using 2200mAh polymer lithium battery.
  • Support menu operation on/off,preset by software,convenient for task and application management.
  • Ultra-slim design



Model DR-350
 Items  UHF  VHF
 Frequency Range  400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ  136-174MHZ; 245MHZ
 Channel Zone  16
 Total Channel Capacity (512)  4000 (250 Channels/Zone)
 Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
 Dimension (H x W x D)  92 x 56 x 28mm
 Weight (W/Battery)  128G
 Li-polBattery  2200mAh
 Rated Voltage  DC: 3.7V

 Battery life:

The average battery life under 5/5/90 duty cycle, and using carrier squelch and TX high power.

2200mAh Li-pol battery:  Analog: 10.6 hours / Digital: 14.3 hours


 Frequency  400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ  136-174MHZ; 245MHZ
 Channel Spacing  12.5kHz /25kHZ
 Frequency Stability
 + / – 1.5ppm
 Analog Sensitivity
(12 dB SINAD)
 0.3uV / 0.25uV
 Digital Sensitivity (5% BER)  0.25uV / 0.20uV
 Intermediation  65dB
 Adjacent Channel Selectivity  60dB@12.5kHz / 65dB@25kHz
 Spurious Rejection  65dB
 Rated Audio  500mw
 Audio Distortion @Rated Audio  3%
 FM Hum & Noise  -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz
 Audio Response  +1,-3dB
 Conducted /Radiated Emission  -57dBm


 Frequency  400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ  136-174MHZ; 245MHZ
 Channel Spacing  12.5kHz /25kHZ
 Frequency Stability
 + / – 1.5ppm
 Low Power  0.5W  0.8W
 High Power  2W  2W
 Modulation Restriction  ±2.5kHz@12.5kHz / ±5kHz@25kHz
 FM Hum & Noise  -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz
 Conducted /Radiated Emission  -36dBm<1GHz / -30dBm>1GHz
 Adjacent Channel Selectivity  -60dB@12.5kHz / -65dB@25kHz
 Audio Response  +1,-3dB
 Audio Distortion  3%
 FM Modulation

 12.5kHz: 11K0F3E

25kHz: 16K0F3E

 4FSK Digital Modulation

 12.5kHz Data: 7K60F1D & 7K60FXD

12.5kHz Audio: 7K60F1E & 7K60FXE

12.5kHz Data & Audio: 7K60F1W

 Digital Vocoder  AMBE+2™
 Digital Agreement  ETSI-TS102 361-1, -2, -3


 Precisely and standard designed for a long-term positioning( 95% value > could find 5 satellites @ rated -130dBm signal strength
 TTFF (time to first fix) cold start  < 1 min
 TTFF (time to first fix) warm start  < 10 s
 Horizontal Position Accuracy  < 10 ms


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