CRT One Export Mod

| abril 17, 2015

CRT One Export Mod

A. 25.615-30.105MHz 400ch make a bridge OP1

CRT One Export Mod

1. power change. Keep the PTT button plus RFG turning the radio button, choose the power with the UP / DN keys of the microphone, PL for small, high PH, turn off and on the radio .a H appears in high power.

2. To enable -5KHz function: Keep the RFG affects more than 2 seconds. the display shows «P», the frequence then ends with 0. repeat the operation to return to termination 5. «

B. 28.000-29.700MHz 10 meters amateur band to bridge OP2

CRT One Export Mod

1. H/L power function : Hold PTT + RFG key to power on, press microphone UP/DN key to choose power level , PL stand for Low power, PH stand for high power, re-power on to store it.

2. -5KHz function : hold RFG for over 2 seconds to turn on -5KHz function, LCD displays»P», the frequency end with 0, Hold RFG again for 2 seconds to turn off -5KHz, the LCD display

«E», frequency end with 5.

C. Normal CB band mode ( Default mode)

CRT One Export Mod

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