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How to expand the frequency and power


crt millenium mods

1 = open

0 = closed to ground


OP1=1    OP2=0

  • H (A-L)    28.000-29.700 MHz    4W/8W

OP1=0    OP2=1

  • RU(A-L) 25.615-30.105 MHz    4W/8W
  • For Poland : press and Hold RFG for 5 seconds to switch 0 ending . (PA-L)

OP1=0    OP2=0

  • EU CE UK PL I2    DE D2 SP IO    FR    IN CD 4W/8W

OP1=1    OP2=1

  • EU CE UK PL I2    DE D2 SP IO    FR    IN CD 4W

When the power is off, please hold PTT and RFG together and turn on the power again, to switch the power to 8W AM/FM

If current is low power do above operation switch to high power, if the current is high power after you do above operation will switch to low power.

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